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mapping services: standard maps: city wide map series
Some types of geographic information, such as neighborhood boundaries
or census geography, can be appropriately displayed on a City-wide map. Because a City-wide map can depict only general patterns they are
typically used for broad planning purposes or to provide a generalized geographic context.

Available themes include: Street Network, Shaded Relief Map,
Census Geography, Neighborhood Council Districts, Surface Geology, City Business Sectors, Fiber Optic Network

Shaded Relief Map
shaded relief map This attractive poster map is created from a digital surface model, which was generated from the City's 2ft elevation contour layer. Specifications for color, hue, saturation and angle of the sun were combined with the surface relief to provide a good graphical display of Seattle terrain. Its generalized nature makes it useful as a quick reference for City staff and citizens seeking an overview of primary physical features in Seattle. The Shaded Relief Map is also used by geologists and structural engineers when conducting planning-level investigations and analysis.
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