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mapping services: standard maps: base map series
Base Map Series

At a scale of 1:2400 (1 inch on the map = 200 feet on the ground), the Base Map Series provides a suitable level of detail to approximately locate property boundaries and primary utility features. The Base Map Series maps are preprinted and stored on hand at the GIS Map Counter. Available themes include: Parcel Base Map, Sewer & Drainage Infrastructure, Water Distribution System.

Parcel Base Map
The Parcel Base Map is a good general purpose map that can be used to locate property, buildings or addresses. At the 1:2400 scale, a great level of detail can be seen.

Parcel lines represent ownership as defined by the King County Department of Assessments. Building roof outlines were derived from aerial photography flown in March 1993. The source of house numbers shown on the map is the King County Departments of Assessments' parcel database.

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