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mapping services: standard maps: planning map series
Planning Map Series

The Planning Map Series is intended to provide a generalized geographic context for a moderately large area, using a scale of 1:9600 (1 inch on the map = 800 feet on the ground). Available Themes include: Critical Areas, Street Network, Topography & Drainage, Public Facilities, Present Land Use. Each theme, with the exception of Present Land Use is also available as a single preprinted, City Wide map.

Present Land Use
present land use map The Present Land Use Map is a generalized land use map used for planning purposes. The data has been summarized into several parcel land use categories defined by a particular color.

Land Use codes, identifying the use of the property according to the King County Department of Assessments, are used to create this map. The information has not been field checked for accuracy. Each color on the map represents a generalized land use classification.

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