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Map Sets

Several map series have been created for specific internal purposes of various City departments. Although these maps are typically designed to meet a particular business need, they can sometimes be useful for a variety of unintended purposes. Several map sets are available by request to City staff and the public. Map sets may be requested in their entirety or by individual map sheet.

Available Map Sets: Quarter-Section Maps, Sewer & Drainage Infrastructure, Electrical Distribution System, and DPD Map Book Pages.

Electrical Distribution System
These quarter-section based reference maps show the approximate locations of primary features within City Light's civil plant, including overhead and/or underground conductors, conduits and facilities such as poles, vaults, maintenance holes, and handholds. Underground hazard areas indicate presence of buried transmission lines and/or gas distribution lines.

All locations on the map are approximate and in most cases, multiple conductors, conduit runs are shown as a single feature.

Note: These maps should never be used to determine clearances for purposes of work above or below grade. Always contact the Utilities Underground Location Center to determine exact locations of underground facilities.
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