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mapping services: standard maps: base map series
Base Map Series

At a scale of 1:2400 (1 inch on the map = 200 feet on the ground), the Base Map Series provides a suitable level of detail to approximately locate property boundaries and primary utility features. The Base Map Series maps are preprinted and stored on hand at the GIS Map Counter. Available themes include: Parcel Base Map, Sewer & Drainage Infrastructure, Water Distribution System.

Sewer & Drainage Infrastructure
These maps provide a good overview of the primary pipelines and lateral connections in the Sewer & Drainage system at a scale of
1" to 200'. Several city blocks may be seen on one map sheet.

Sewer & drainage mainlines, both active and abandoned are shown against a backdrop of property lines, streets, buildings, and parks. Lateral connections shown include side sewers and drainage laterals. Arrows indicate direction of flow through the pipes.

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