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mapping services: custom mapping service
Custom mapping service is available to customers who have specific requirements for map size, scale, design, and content. Typically, we will create a custom map when a customer wishes to convey a specific message, display the results of geographic analysis, or when the underlying geographic data must be created or manipulated in some way before being placed on the map.

Custom maps rely on the GIS cartographer's skillful use of GIS analysis techniques combined with proficiency with GIS software and programming languages. Our GIS cartographers are also trained geographers who understand the complex spatial relationships that exist among the features being mapped and can develop appropriate analysis methods to best convey the intended message.

Click on the thumbnail images below to view examples of recent
custom maps completed by the cartographers in the SPU/GIS Products
and Services Unit.

10 Steps to Create a Custom Map:
  1. Make an appointment to talk with our SPU/GIS Analyst (Albert Gonzales, 684-7887 or to discuss your needs and determine requirements for finished product.

  2. GIS staff will identify and compile necessary data sets (with help from you, if needed).

  3. GIS staff will develop methodology for geographic analysis, then use GIS software tools to perform analysis or required data processing. Sometimes it will be necessary to create new data files from scratch if the features you wish to display are not already in our database.

  4. A GIS Cartographer will write GIS program code to generate an initial map file. We try to use existing code wherever possible to reduce time and resulting cost to you.

  5. The GIS Cartographer will print draft and review for errors, layout changes and/or design flaws.

  6. Program code will be edited to correct errors; refine the cartography.

  7. A draft will be printed for your review. A GIS staff person will notify you that a draft is ready for your review.

  8. If necessary, the GIS Cartographer will edit the program code to reflect your requested changes.

  9. A final product will be printed. You will be notified when it is ready
    for pick-up.

  10. SPU/GIS will process your billing information and/or generate an
    inter-department invoice.

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