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mapping services: standard maps: city wide map series
Some types of geographic information, such as neighborhood boundaries
or census geography, can be appropriately displayed on a City-wide map. Because a City-wide map can depict only general patterns they are
typically used for broad planning purposes or to provide a generalized geographic context.

Available themes include: Street Network, Shaded Relief Map,
Census Geography, Neighborhood Council Districts, Surface Geology, City Business Sectors, Fiber Optic Network

Neighborhood Council Districts
neighborhood council districts This general reference map depicts the boundaries of the 13 geographic areas within Seattle that are represented by Neighborhood Council Districts. The Councils are organized under the authority of the Seattle City Council to provide a forum for community issues. Members of the Council act as representatives of the neighborhood organizations within each district.

The Neighborhood Council District Map shows parks as well as point locations of Seattle fire stations, police stations, community centers, neighborhood service centers and libraries.

This map is available in two sizes: a large poster version for wall display and
a handy 11"x17" version for office or field use.