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The tables below contain a list of commonly requested GIS and GIS-related data sets that may be used for mapping and geographic analysis purposes. These data sets are also available for external, non-City uses through a licensing program administered by the SPU/GIS Products and Services Unit. Please contact Albert Gonzales for details.

Please note that some data sets that are specific to the internal business of City departments, that are sensitive in nature, or that are not accessible to SPU/GIS group are not listed here.

Data sets are organized under the following categories:

  • Property/Survey
  • Infrastructure
  • Streets/Transportation
  • Public Facilities
  • Public Safety
  • Planning/Land Use
  • Images
  • Political
  • Census
  • Terrain/Environmental
  • Addresses

    Available Data Layers Description
    building outlines Roof outlines with peak elevations (1999)
    legal Legal divisions of land: lots, blocks
    parcels King County tax parcels
    parklands City/County parks and playgrounds
    property management areas Property owned/managed by City of Seattle
    Public Lands Survey System (PLS) Public Lands Survey System grid
    survey control Survey lines and point features

    Available Data Layers Description
    arterials Derived from street network database
    bicycle routes Routes and pathways
    bridges Inventory of bridges, by owner
    freeways Delineates major freeways through Seattle
    pavement edge Delineates curb or edge of pavement (1999)
    railways Delineates major railways through Seattle
    residential parking zones Parking areas where permit is required
    school walking zones Routes recommended by SSD
    snow & ice response routes City of Seattle emergency response routes
    street network database Streets, walkways & bridges coded by type
    traffic circles Traffic calming devices
    traffic signals Signals and signalized crosswalks

    Available Data Layers Description
    command centers Designated City of Seattle command centers
    emergency operations centers City of Seattle emergency operations locations
    fire inspection districts Seattle Fire Dept. inspection districts
    fire stations City of Seattle fire station locations
    police stations City of Seattle police station locations
    SOAP zones "Stay-Out-of-Areas-of-Prostitution"
    SODA zones "Stay-Out-of-Drug-Areas"

    Available Data Layers Description
    black & white orthophotos 1 ft. pixel rectified photos (1993)
    color orthophotos* 1 meter pixel photos (*for internal use only)
    1/4 section map images For viewing via ArcView only

    Available Data Layers Description
    census blocks 2000 census block boundaries & numbers
    census block groups 2000 census block group boundaries & numbers
    census tracts 2000 census tract boundaries & numbers

    Available Data Layers Description
    DAP layer Discrete address point locations: geographic reference for either a bldg or vacant parcel
    zipcode areas Approximate boundaries of zipcode zones

    Available Data Layers Description
    Sewer and Drainage:
    combined sewer overflows Combined sewer & drainage outfalls: City & Metro-King County
    ditches Delineates ditches within Seattle
    drainage basins Engineered stormwater drainage basins
    sewer & drainage mainlines Sewer & drainage mainline pipes
    sewer & drainage mainline point features Point features on sewer & drainage mainline pipes
    sewer & drainage laterals Sewer & drainage lateral connections including side sewers
    sewer & drainage lateral point features Point features on sewer & drainage lateral pipes
    sewer & drainage maintenance holes Sewer & drainage maintenance holes and attributes
    (incl. invert elevation)
    sewer & drainage outfalls City-owned drainage outfalls: storm water only
    sewer & drainage outfalls - NPDES City outfalls regulated by Federal EPA
    sewer & drainage structures Sewer & drainage facilities and other structures incl. pump stations
    hydrants Hydrants located by point only
    pressure zones Water distribution system pressure zones
    water system lines Water mainline pipes
    water system appertenances Point layer derived from water, including hydrants & valves
    water system service connections Water services: approximately located
    water system facilities Water structures, encasements, facilities
    water purveyor boundaries Purveyor boundaries within service area
    Fiber Private underground fiber optic locations (2000; NB: some firms no longer exist)

    Available Data Layers Description
    boat ramps City of Seattle public boat launches
    environmental education centers Seattle environmental education centers
    hospitals locations of major hospitals (not field verified)
    p-patches locations of Seattle community gardens
    public libraries Seattle Public Library branch locations
    swimming pools City of Seattle public swimming pools

    Available Data Layers Description
    business improvement areas Self-regulated commercial zones
    city sectors Six city geographic areas
    neighborhood council districts 13 council districts, boundaries & names
    neighborhood planning areas Outlines boundaries of 37 planning areas
    urban villages and manufacturing centers Proposed areas per Seattle Comprehensive Plan
    zoning City of Seattle zoning & associated special districts (ex: historical)

    Available Data Layers Description
    City of Shoreline City of Shoreline municipal boundaries
    King County Boundaries of King County
    legislative districts Legislative districts within King County
    municipal boundaries-surrounding jurisdictions Boundaries of other jurisdictions within Seattle Utilities Service Area and vicinity
    Seattle corporate limits Delineates north and south boundaries

    Available Data Layers Description
    breaklines Delineates changes in surface behavior
    flood prone areas Critical area designation: flood
    former landfill sites Critical area designation: landfill areas
    geology Surface geology
    known slide areas Critical area designation: previous slides
    landslide event inventory SPU study conducted by Shannon and Wilson in 2000
    liquefaction zones Critical area designation: liquefaction
    riparian corridors Critical area designation: riparian zones
    shoreline & major waterbodies Used for mapping purposes
    slide prone areas Critical area designation: potential slides
    spot elevations Spot elevations & mass points
    steep slopes Critical area designation: >40% slope
    streams Streams within Seattle
    topography 2 ft. elevation contours
    wetlands Critical area designation: wetland areas
    wildlife corridors Critical area designation: wildlife zones