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More detail about the types of information available for each PMA is outlined below. For more information about City property, use the City Property Contact List (link)

Property Name: City Properties often have common, well-known names, such as "Seattle Tennis Center", "Alki Playground". Some properties are parcels of land with no common name, so they are given a descriptive name, such as "Alley off Boren" or "Transmission Line Right-of-Way".

Jurisdictional Department: Property Management Areas are typically (but not always) under the the jurisdiction of a single city department. City Ordinances determine which department has jurisdiction . Jurisdiction may be transferred by ordinance, and department can lease property from each other, or develop agreements for joint use.

City-Ownership A PMA can consist of smaller pieces of property that are owned or leased by the city: The following categories describe the City’s rights in the property.

  • Owned: City owns the whole property
  • City Ownership Inferred: Detailed research has not yet been done, but it is assumed the city owns the whole property
  • City Use, Not City-Owned: None of the property is city-owned
  • Mixed Ownership: Only part of the property is city-owned.
Area of the PMA in square feet

Please submit your comments on the City Property Finder to: Web Manager

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