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Real Property Finder

City Departments and Contacts

Leasing City Property Barbara Brannan
FFD Real Estate Services
(206) 684-0414
Purchasing City Property David Hemmelgarn
FFD Real Estate Services
(206) 684-0701
Ownership or Use of Specific City Properties contact the Jurisdictional department  
Department of Neighborhoods Natasha Jones (206) 615-0950
Department of Housing &Human Services Janeen Smith (206) 684-0211
Fleets and Facilities Department (FFD) Pedro Vasquez
FFD Facilities Management
(206) 233-2784
Parks and Recreation Terry Dunning (206) 684-4860
Seattle Center Dave Buchan (206) 684-7102
Seattle City Light Steve Hagen (206) 684-3327
SCL Property Use Applications    
Seattle Fire Department managed by FFD -- Pedro Vasquez (206) 233-2784
Seattle Police Department managed by FFD -- Pedro Vasquez (206) 233-2784
Seattle Public Libraries Bob May  
Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) Sharon King (206) 684-5968
Seattle Department of Transportation Larry Huggins (206) 684-5001
Reserving Parks for Picnics
or Other events
Seattle Parks & Recreation Home Page  
Revocable User Permits for Parks Property Terry Dunning
Parks & Recreation
(206) 684-4860
Special Events Permits Joanne Orsucci
Parks and Recreation
(206) 233-3948
Open Space Acquisition and/or Questions Terry Dunning
Parks and Recreation
(206) 684-4860

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