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The City Property Finder presents data on property which the city owns and on property which the city leases for city uses. What you will see is a set of maps which you use to search for property. When you have found a property you are interested in, you can get the following information about it: the name of the Property Management Area (PMA), the City Department with jurisdiction over the property, the nature of City property rights, the primary use of the PMA, and the size of the property. (Click here to jump to the map intro page with search)

The City of Seattle owns properties which are used for various municipal purposes such as fire stations, swimming pools, parks and offices. It is the City’s policy to use and develop City-owned real property in a manner which best serves the long-term interests of the City and its citizens as a whole, subject to provisions of law. In order to carry out municipal purposes, the city may also lease or acquire easements or permits to property which it does not own outright.

The Real Estate Services Section of the Fleets & Facilities Department (FFD) maintains listings and maps of city-owned property. FFD is also responsible for ongoing review of the City’s property inventory and coordinating decision-making processes for reuse and disposition of property. Click here to jump to section on policies