Station 36 - Delridge/Harbor Island

Fire Levy Info:

Updated: 2013-05-10

About the Station
Station 36 houses one engine company (E36), the department's Tunnel Rescue Unit, and, because of its proximity to Elliott Bay and surrounding industrial sites, the marine specialty unit designated to serve the south end of Seattle. The marine specialty unit provides specialized equipment and trained personnel to respond to marine fires and emergencies.

As one of the newer stations in the system, Station 36 is in generally fair condition, but requires some minor seismic retrofits to meet current earthquake safety standards.

About the Project
As a seismic and safety upgrade station, Station 36 requires additional seismic bracing to meet current earthquake safety codes.

Also, an addition to the north side will provide bunk spaces, an ADA accessible restroom and a dayroom area.  The existing south side of the building will be reconfigured for a new physical training room, storage for the firefighters' protective bunker gear and a new decontamination space.  A new power service and an upgrade to the mechanical system is also included in the remodel work.

Temporary Relocation
During construction, the station is relocated to an interim facility near the current site to ensure continued fire and emergency medical response to the neighborhoods served by Fire Station 36.

Current Status
The project is under construction.

September 30, 2013, construction began and is scheduled for completion in spring 2014.

Planned Station Features
Technical Capacities:

  • Bay space for two apparatus, including marine specialty unit
  • Decontamination/clean room
  • Maintenance work area and battery charging alcove
  • Storage for major disaster supplies and EMS equipment
  • Hose dryer and storage alcove

Administrative and Crew Areas:

  • Station office
  • Bunker gear room
  • Beanery kitchen and dining room
  • Physical fitness room
  • Firefighter bunk rooms
  • Toilet/shower rooms
  • Laundry room


  • Design Start Date: 2011
  • Construction start date: September 2013
  • Anticipated Completion: Spring 2014