Station 32 - West Seattle Junction

Fire Levy Info:

Updated: 2013-05-10

About the Station
Located in the center of West Seattle, Station 32 currently houses an engine company (E32), a ladder unit (L11), a medic unit (M32) and a reserve medic unit.

Station 32 is about 40 years old and is ready for replacement. Its building systems are old, and the station offers inadequate space for modern apparatus and staffing levels. It is also out of regulatory compliance in many areas, and is structurally substandard for seismic survivability.

About the Project
Given Station 32's current condition as well as its capacity to play a more central role in West Seattle, a full rebuild of this facility makes more sense than a piecemeal renovation.

The plan, therefore, envisions a rebuild at Station 32's existing location. As part of the rebuild, Station 32 is slated for major improvements and conversion to the lead station for Battalion VII, which covers all of West Seattle, southwest Seattle, Harbor Island and the industrial areas lining both sides of the Duwamish River.

Following the rebuild, Station 32's core operations will continue to comprise an engine company, a ladder unit, a medic unit and a reserve medic unit. In addition, the station will have an additional bay to accommodate a battalion chief unit. The rebuilt facility will also include a battalion chief office.

The rebuild will create space to house one of the City's three new emergency fragmentation caches within Station 32. Each fragmentation cache would be positioned to respond to seismic and man-made disasters that could isolate certain areas of Seattle due to bridge damage or debris blockage. Construction of space to house the caches will provide the City with future flexibility to deliver this enhanced service at a minimal up-front capital cost.

Finally, the City will seek further design efficiencies and cost savings to fund an additional reserve bay at this station as well as space for various decentralized training activities.

Temporary Relocation
During the station upgrade, the station is expected to be relocated to an interim facility that will ensure continued fire and medic response to the neighborhood served by Fire Station 32.

Planned Station Features

Technical Capacities:

  • Earthquake fragmentation cache
  • Bay area for breathing apparatus and compressed air fill equipment
  • Decontamination/clean room
  • Maintenance work area, battery charging alcove and compressor
  • Storage for major disaster supplies and EMS equipment
  • Hose tower

Administrative and Crew Areas:

  • Secure public lobby
  • Station office, including report desk and dispatch counter
  • Visitor-accessible unisex restroom
  • Beanery kitchen and dining room
  • Day Room
  • Physical fitness room
  • Officers' quarters
  • Firefighter bunk rooms
  • Toilet/shower rooms
  • Laundry room

Current Status
The project is in the schematic design phase.


  • August 2013: The Seattle Design Commission reviewed and approved the schematic design.
  • June 2013: Approximately 400 neighbors attended a community open house to view the current project design and tour the station.
  • October 2011: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson was selected to design the project.