Station 29 - Admiral District

Updated: 2013-05-10

About the Station
Station 29 currently houses one engine company (E29) and a battalion chief unit. It also provides capacity for two reserve units: a reserve engine and reserve battalion chief unit.

As one of the newer stations in the system, Station 29 is in generally fair condition, but requires some minor seismic retrofits.

About the Project
As a seismic and safety upgrade station, Station 29 will receive some additional seismic bracing to meet current codes. The station will also be remodeled to improve its functionality.

The reconfiguration is planned to convert the existing crew area on the west side of the building into space that can also accommodate decontamination equipment as well as crew preparation and vehicle maintenance functions. The east sides of both the basement and first floor will be reconfigured to provide more functional crew space and an upgraded administrative area that will support more efficient operations and provide greater security.

Following the remodel, both the primary and reserve battalion chief units currently housed at Station 29 will be moved to Station 32, which will become the lead station for Battalion VII.

Temporary Relocation
During the station upgrade, the station is expected to be relocated to an interim facility at the intersection of 44th Avenue SW and SW Hill Street that will ensure continued fire and medic response to the neighborhood served by Fire Station 29.

Planned Station Features

Technical Capacities:

  • Bay space for one apparatus
  • Decontamination room
  • Storage for EMS equipment
  • Storage alcove

Administrative and Crew Areas:

  • Station watch office
  • Bunker gear storage
  • Beanery kitchen
  • Day room
  • Firefighter bunk rooms
  • Toilet/shower rooms
  • Laundry room

Current Status

  • The project is in the bid phase. Construction is pending upon execution of contract with Par-Tech Construction, Inc.


  • January 2015: Par-Tech Construction Inc. was awarded the project.
  • October 2014: Building and master use permits issued.
  • March 2014: Approximately 100 neighbors attended a community open house to view the current project design and tour the station.
  • February 2013: Lawhead Architects P.S. was selected to design the project.