Station 28 - Rainier Valley

Updated: May 10, 2013

About the Station
Fire Station 28, located at 5968 Rainier Ave. S., houses one engine company, a ladder truck and a medic unit.

The old Fire Station 28, built in 1951, required significant work to meet current earthquake safety standards and program requirements. The large site offered the flexibility to build a new, modern station next to the old station. Phase 2 of the project includes demolishing the old station and converting the basement into a stormwater vault. Site water will be collected and used for vehicle washing and non-potable water in the station (toilet flushing), reducing both stormwater and potable water usage.

Station Improvements
The architectural firm Schreiber Starling & Lane designed the upgraded facility. The project scope included a new station built to current safety standards. During construction of the new building, crews remained in the old station.

Urban Search and Rescue Building
The City is constructing a single-story, two-bay, pre-engineered 5,000-square-foot metal storage facility on the southeast corner of the existing Fire Station 28 site (see rendering at right). Once complete, this building will house an urban search and rescue vehicle, a metropolitan medical strike team vehicle and related equipment. These vehicles will include two 80-foot semi-tractor trailers. The apparatus housed within the new building will be deployed as needed to provide the specialized equipment necessary for technical rescue situations such as the location, extrication and initial medical stabilization of victims trapped in structural collapse due to natural disasters or other causes.

Current Status
The project to replace the main fire station was completed in November 2009. In June 2015, work began to construct a new Urban Search and Rescue Building.


  • 2012 Excellence Awards in Masonry Design - Merit Award

Project Milestones

  • June 2015: Construction began on the new Urban Search and Rescue Building.
  • February 2015: City Council approved the construction of a new Urban Search and Rescue Building.
  • December 2009: Firefighters moved back into the new station. Mayor Nickels, joined by Councilmember Harrell, dedicated the new station.
  • November 2009: The project was completed.
  • February 2009: Mayor Nickels held a press conference to announce construction taking place in 2009 on six new fire stations, three major renovations, and two seismic upgrades.
  • October 2008: Construction began.
  • September 2008: Berschauer Phillips Construction Company was awarded the construction contract.
  • July 2008: The project was advertised for bid.
  • June 2007: The Public Art Advisory Committee selected Wayne Chabre to create art for display outside the fire station.
  • April 2007: The Seattle Design Commission reviewed the design development phase of the project. Approximately 125 community members attended the second design development open house, which included a visit from Mayor Nickels.
  • March 2007: The Seattle Design Commission reviewed the schematic design phase of the project.
  • February 2007: The Seattle Design Commission reviewed the project scope/concept.
  • January 2007: About 150 people attended a community open house to view pre-design scope and sketches.
  • August 2006: Consultant selection was held; Schreiber, Starling & Lane were chosen as the project architects.