Station 28 - Rainier Valley

Fire Levy Info:

Updated: 2013-05-10

About the Station
Fire Station 28, located at 5968 Rainier Ave. S., houses one engine company, a ladder truck and a medic unit.

The old Fire Station 28, built in 1951, required significant work to meet current earthquake safety standards and program requirements. The large site offered the flexibility to build a new, modern station next to the old station. Phase 2 of the project includes demolishing the old station and converting the basement into a stormwater vault. Site water will be collected and used for vehicle washing and non-potable water in the station (toilet flushing), reducing both stormwater and potable water usage.

Station Improvements
The architectural firm Schreiber Starling & Lane designed the upgrade.

The project scope includes a new station built to current safety standards.

During construction of the new building, crews remained in the current station.

Current Status
The project was completed in November 2009.


  • 2012 Excellence Awards in Masonry Design - Merit Award

Project Milestones

  • December 2009: Firefighters moved back into the new station. Mayor Nickels, joined by Councilmember Harrell, dedicated the new station.
  • November 2009: The project was completed.
  • February 2009: Mayor Nickels held a press conference to announce construction taking place in 2009 on six new fire stations, three major renovations, and two seismic upgrades.
  • October 2008: Construction began.
  • September 2008: Berschauer Phillips Construction Company was awarded the construction contract.
  • July 2008: The project was advertised for bid.
  • June 2007: The Public Art Advisory Committee selected Wayne Chabre to create art for display outside the fire station.
  • April 2007: The Seattle Design Commission reviewed the design development phase of the project. Approximately 125 community members attended the second design development open house, which included a visit from Mayor Nickels.
  • March 2007: The Seattle Design Commission reviewed the schematic design phase of the project.
  • February 2007: The Seattle Design Commission reviewed the project scope/concept.
  • January 2007: About 150 people attended a community open house to view pre-design scope and sketches.
  • August 2006: Consultant selection was held; Schreiber, Starling & Lane were chosen as the project architects.