Station 25 - Capitol Hill

Updated: May 10, 2013

About the Station
Station 25 is the lead station for Battalion II, which serves the central part of the city. As a battalion station it houses an engine company (E25), a ladder unit (L10), an aid unit (A25) and a battalion chief unit. It also houses several reserve units, including a reserve ladder unit and battalion chief unit. Finally, Station 25 houses the department's Mobile Ventilation Unit, which is utilized to support large-scale decontamination/ventilation efforts.

The station is relatively new and in fair condition. It nonetheless has some shortcomings, including its failure to meet current standards for seismic safety.

About the Project
As a seismic and safety upgrade station, Station 25 requires some additional seismic bracing to meet current codes.

The other main work to be done at Station 25 involves a space reconfiguration so that apparatus bay support functions — including areas for decontamination, crew preparation and vehicle maintenance — can be accommodated immediately adjacent to the actual bays themselves. The existing crew area on the main floor will remain as is; some minor remodeling in the basement and on the second floor will reconfigure the living quarters and the battalion office.

Finally, the plan moves Station 25's existing battalion chief unit and reserve battalion chief unit to Station 2. Despite this move, Station 25 would remain the lead station for Battalion II. The transfer is planned because Station 2 offers ample room for multiple apparatus bays and would permit Station 25 the capacity to house another medic unit if future demand warrants the service expansion.

Emergency services are expected to remain on site while the station is being upgraded.

Read the letter to the neighbors.

Planned Station Features

Technical Capacities:

  • Bay space for eight regular apparatus
  • Decontamination/clean room
  • Maintenance work area, battery charging alcove and compressor
  • Storage for major disaster supplies and EMS equipment
  • Mobile generator
  • Hose tower
  • Training facility: drilling platform, training classroom

Administrative and Crew Areas:

  • Station office
  • Bunker gear room
  • Beanery kitchen and dining room
  • Physical fitness room
  • Firefighter bunk rooms
  • Toilet/shower rooms
  • Laundry room


  • Anticipated Start Date: 2011
  • Open House held Oct. 28, 2012
  • Anticipated Start of Construction: Spring 2013
  • Anticipated Completion: 2014