Station 24 - Bitter Lake

Updated: May 10, 2013

About the Station
Station 24 currently houses one engine company (E24) and a reserve engine.

As one of the newer stations in the system, Station 24 is in generally fair condition, but requires some minor seismic retrofitting.

About the Project
As a station slated for seismic and safety upgrades, Station 24 requires additional seismic bracing to meet current codes.

The plan also constructs a small addition to the building's footprint and a major interior reconfiguration.

The reconfiguration will upgrade the existing crew area on the west side of the building and convert the existing crew area on the east side of the building into space that can also accommodate decontamination equipment as well as crew preparation and vehicle maintenance functions. The existing administrative area on the west side of the building will be slightly expanded to provide for more efficient operations as well as greater security.

Emergency services are expected to remain on site while the station is being upgraded.

Planned Station Features
Technical Capacities:

  • Bay space for two apparatus
  • Decontamination/clean room
  • Battery charging alcove
  • Storage for EMS equipment
  • Hose dryer and storage alcove

Administrative and Crew Areas:

  • Station office
  • Bunker gear room
  • Beanery kitchen and dining room
  • Physical fitness room
  • Firefighter bunk rooms
  • Toilet/shower rooms
  • Laundry room

Current Status
The project is complete.


  • September 2014: Fire Station 24 dedication and open house.
  • March 2014: Project completed.
  • July 2013: Construction started. Fire crews housed in temporary facilities on site during construction.
  • May 2013: Van Rossen Construction awarded the construction contract.
  • September 2012: Neighbors attend a design open house to see preliminary design of fire station project.
  • October 2011: Hoshide Wanzer Williams Architects selected to design the project.