Station 21 - Greenwood

Updated: May 10, 2013

About the Station
Station 21 houses one engine company and the Fire Department's Multiple Casualty Unit, specially equipped to respond to large numbers of medical emergency patients. The original facility, located at 7304 Greenwood Ave. N., was too small to accommodate modern apparatus and staffing levels.

Station Improvements
The Miller Hull Partnership designed the new station, which was expanded on the site. To accommodate a larger building, a small parcel of property was acquired directly east of the station.

The project scope included a new station built to current safety standards.

Temporary Relocation
During the station upgrade, the station was relocated five blocks to the south to an interim facility at 6802 Greenwood Ave. N.

Current Status
The project is completed.

Project Milestones

  • November 2011: Construction completed, crews moved in.
  • August 2010: Construction began.
  • July 2010: Fire crews moved into the temporary fire station located at 6802 Greenwood Ave. N.
  • April 2008: About 300 neighbors attended the community open house featuring pre-design sketches.
  • Nov. 2007: The Miller Hull Partnership was chosen as the project architects.

News Articles
Daily Journal of Commerce, March 24, 2010
Miller/Hull designs Fire Station 21