Station 20 - West Queen Anne

Updated: March 6, 2015

About the Station
Station 20 is one of the smallest stations in the system and houses one engine company.

This 55 year-old building is in poor condition, has long reached the end of its useful building life, and does not meet the emergency response operational requirements of the Seattle Fire Department.

To meet current earthquake safety standards and accommodate today's equipment and firefighting operations, a new station is planned on four parcels: 2800, 2806, 2812 and 2816 15th Ave. W.

About the Project
The project scope will include:

  • A new station built to current safety standards
  • Two stories
  • Two engine bays


  • 2016 Fire Industry Education Resource Organization (F.I.E.R.O) Honor Award in recognition of excellence in fire station design and construction.
  • 2015-16 Seattle Design Commission Excellence Award in recognition of inspired design, contextual integration, innovative sustainability, social inclusion, exemplary partnerships, effective investment and impeccable execution.

Current Status
Construction work on Fire Station 20 completed in December 2014.

Project Photos

Fire Station 20

Fire Station 20 Preview Event and Tour
On Dec. 17, 2014, Mayor Ed Murray, Council President Tim Burgess, Fire Chief Gregory Dean and FAS Director Fred Podesta previewed and toured the new Fire Station 20, Seattle's most sustainable fire station to date. A sustainability class from Queen Anne's John Hay Elementary School was on hand to learn about the station's sustainability features.

Fire Station 20 Preview Event and Tour

A video of construction time lapse photos is available here.


  • December 2014: Construction completed.
  • July 2013: Construction started.
  • June 2013: Project awarded to Forma Construction.
  • February 2012: Design Development approved by the Seattle Design Commission.
  • January 2012: The Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) approved the conceptual design of Rob Ley's artwork.
  • October 2011: Schematic design approved by Seattle Design Commission.
  • May 2011: The Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) approved the selection of Rob Ley of California to create art for display outside the fire station.
  • April 2011: Pre-design approved by Seattle Design Commission.
  • August 2010: Schacht Aslani selected as architect.
  • October 2009: The City Council voted unanimously to relocate Fire Station 20 to 15th Avenue West and West Armour Street. The Council authorized the purchase of two vacant parcels and two small commercial properties along the east side of 15th Avenue West.
  • November 2007: The City Council hired the consulting firm EnviroIssues in November 2007 to conduct an independent siting study.
  • August 2007: The Department of Finance issued a Request for Proposals for consultant services to evaluate sites for Fire Station 20 in August 2007.
  • April 2007: The City Council adopted legislation, Resolution 30978, on April 9, 2007, that outlined a joint Legislative and Executive process for reviewing replacement sites for Fire Station 20.


The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) officially certified the project as LEED Platinum in June 2015. Per the USGBC, "Of LEED-certified public safety buildings in the United States, Fire Station 20 is a top performer ... With less than two dozen LEED-certified fire stations in the country, Seattle's Fire Station 20 is a sustainability leader with one of the highest possible scores in the LEED: NC v2009 rating system."

In 2015, Fire Station 20 used only two-fifths of the energy of a typical regional fire station, achieving a measured energy usage index (EUI) of 40 kBTU/sf/yr. This ambitious EUI was met through the use of an energy management and control system, 35-kilovolt photovoltaic rooftop array, advanced lighting design and controls, a ground source heat pump system, radiant flooring, heat recovery ventilation, superinsulation and high-efficiency appliances.

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