Station 16 - Green Lake

Updated: May 10, 2013

About the Station
Fire Station 16, located at 6846 Oswego Place NE, currently houses one engine company.  The medic unit is now housed at Fire Station 17 in the University District.

In 2004, the station received landmark designation. Read the landmark nomination report.

The station requires minor seismic retrofits to meet current earthquake safety standards, as well as minor interior renovations to increase operational efficiencies.

Station Improvements
Hoshide Williams Architects are designing the upgrade of the facility.

The project scope includes:

  • A seismic upgrade to bring the station up to current safety standards
  • Minor interior remodel
  • Updates of selected finishes and systems
  • Replacement of the two existing apparatus doors with a single apparatus door

During the upgrade, the station will be relocated to an interim facility to ensure continued fire response to the neighborhood served by Fire Station 16.

Current Status
The project is in the bid phase.


  • June 2010: Approximately 145 neighbors attended a design development open house to see the updated design and explore the fire engine.
  • November 2009: About 175 neighbors attended a schematic design open house to see the preliminary design and explore the fire engine.
  • January 2009: Hoshide Williams Architects were selected to design the station improvements.