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Seattle Municipal Civic Center Master Plan
June 1999

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Section 3 - The Direction

A series of goals has evolved through the work of City staff and citizens. A vision statement and a set of principals was developed by the Joint Municipal Civic Center Work Group and approved by Resolution 29731 in April of 1998. The following goals were included in the Long Range Facilities Plan of August 1997.

The Vision

Seattles Civic Center is an important public place, inviting participation and celebration, and providing a truly wonderful place for Seattles citizens while creating an appropriate, efficient, and nurturing environment for our city government.

The Principles

  • Adopt a Civic Center Master Plan Develop a 100-year vision for the Citys center of government, retaining flexibility for future decisions and decision-makers.
  • Retain Strategic City Property Maintain ownership of the Public Safety Building and the Municipal Building sites to accommodate City needs strategically.
  • Develop Public Access Create and implement a master plan for public access to City facilities as an essential component to the Citys public service goals.
  • Manage Civic Center Development Use City assets strategically to finance and guide Civic Center development.

The Goals

Seattles Civic Center should:

  • Have a unified image, integrating the Citys downtown buildings into a coherent campus which establishes a sense of civic identity and reinforces the ceremonial nature of many public functions.
  • Provide accessibility for all citizens.
  • Enhance and reinforce creation of a 24-hour downtown.
  • The design and signage should be more internally coherent with clear access to services needed by the public.
  • Have clearer connections to adjacent neighborhoods.
  • Plan for the reuse of vacated properties as part of the overall Municipal Campus Plan.

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