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Stewards of the City of Seattle's business and financial services Fred Podesta, Director

Active Bids

Fire Levy Program

Vehicle Auctions

City Hall
Justice Center
Civic Plaza
Seattle Municipal Tower
Civic Center Home

Seattle Municipal Civic Center Master Plan
June 1999

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Civic Center Oversight Committee

Cathy Baker, Council Staff
Barbara Hadley, Council Staff
Gerald Hansmire, Design Commission
Dave Haworth, Downtown Seattle Association Representative
Bruce Hayashi, Planning Commission
Mark Howard, Seattle Police
Dennis Meier, Strategic Planning Office
Kenichi Nakano, Planning Commission
Tony Puma, Justice Center Project Manager
Dennis Ryan, University of Washington
Catherine Stanford, Downtown Urban Center Planning Group
Rick Sundberg, Design Commission
Pat Colson, Seattle Public Utilities
Maud Smith Daudon, Mayors Office
Denna Cline, Mayors Office
Melanie Reynolds, Department of Neighborhoods

Seattle City Council

Martha Choe
Richard Conlin
Sue Donaldson
Jan Drago
Nick Licata
Richard McIver
Margaret Pagler
Tina Podolowski
Peter Steinbrueck

City of Seattle

Norma Miller, Executive Service Department/Facility Services
Vanessa Murdock, Design Commission
Marty Curry, Planning Commission
George Hayes, Executive Service Department/Facility Services
Lucia Athens, Seattle Public Utilities
Jun Quan, Executive Service Department/Facility Services


Hewitt Architects

David Hewitt, FAIA, Principal
Dennis Haskell, FAIA, AICP, Principal
Jeff Benesi
Erica Hildebrand

Weinstein Copeland Architects

Ed Weinstein, FAIA, Principal
Lee Copeland, FAIA, Principal
Lesley Bain, AIA

Pacific Rim Resources

Katy Warren
Gregg Hirakawa

Transportation Solutions, Inc.

David Markley


Peg Staeheli

The Seneca Real Estate Group

Steve Trainer
Craig Kinzer

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