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FFD Divisions

The Fleets & Facilities Department consists of the following divisions -

Director's Office

The FFD Director's Office provides vision, leadership, direction and coordination to the Department. The Director's Office oversees all of FFD's functions, staff, and services. It manages planning and policy development, communications, and coordinates the development and implementation of major projects.

Capital Programs Division

The Capital Programs Division provides new construction, remodeling, tenant improvement, hazardous material abatement, and renovation services for the Fleets and Facilities Capital Improvement Program.  This Program includes building projects: the City's core public safety facilities, fire stations, police precinct stations, and several maintenance shop facilities; downtown City-owned buildings, including the new Justice Center and City Hall, the Seattle Municipal Tower, and the Arctic and Alaska historic buildings; and several community-based facilities owned by the City.

Facility Operations Division

The Facility Operations Division is responsible for managing and operating approximately 3 million square feet of City owned facilities including fire systems and police precincts, City Hall, Justice Center, and Seattle Municipal Tower as well as a variety of shop facilities (Charles Street complex, Haller Lake, Sunny Jim, and Park 90/5) and a variety of community facilities.

Services provided include property management, building maintenance, janitorial, security, and parking. In addition, the division provides warehousing services including surplus property disposal and mail distribution services for the Civic Center complex.

Finance & Administration Division

The Finance & AdministrationDivision provides executive leadership, budget preparation, financial and operational analysis, accounting services and human resource services to strategically allocate resources and maintain a productive and professional work environment within the Fleets and Facilities Department.

Accounting Services Unit
Human Resources Unit

Fleet Services Division

The Fleet Services Division centrally manages the City's vehicle and equipment operations in order to ensure timely, cost effective, and high quality replacement of vehicles, maintenance, fueling, and short-term transportation.

Real Estate Services Division

Real Estate Services provides centralized real estate services to City decision-makers, other City departments and the general public. We implement simple to complex real estate transactions to accomplish major City goals. Our key functions are Strategic Planning for City Property; Technical Support for Acquisitions, Disposals, Leasing, Appraisals and Title Research; Development of City-wide Real Estate Policy; and Maintenance of the City-wide Property Inventory.