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Company Response Times

Response Times:
Response times are calculated from the time the first company receives the assignment from 9-1-1 dispatch to the time the first-in company arrives on scene.

Response Time Exclusions:
Response time calculations do not include incidents that are handled at the fire station (i.e. "walk-ins"), and do not include incidents where the response time is over 12 minutes.

Exclusion of these records gives a more accurate picture of how long it takes a company to begin responding and arrive at the emergency.  Both situations, walk-ins and response times of over 12 minutes, make up less than 2% of all responses. 

To view response times for individual companies, click on the year in the table below for which you want to view company response times.

Average Response Times, First-In, Code Red (in minutes and seconds)

Year Basic Life Support Advanced Life Support Fire, Rescue, HazMat
2015 03:48 03:45 04:15
2014 03:50 03:47 04:22
2013 03:44 03:44 04:27
2012 03:44 03:40 04:09


Last Modified:   February 21, 2017

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