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Gregory Dean, Fire Chief

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Last Updated: January 13, 2014

DataReal-time data on infectious disease symptoms tracked by the Seattle Fire Department.

Analytical Reports: Ongoing analysis of surveillance data is presented to the Fire Department management and Medical Director. A comprehensive evaluation of the tracking program, published in December, 2010, and updated in October 2012 is accessible from this link.

SURVEILLANCE PROGRAM: Details on the Situation Found and First Watch Programs.


1/13/2014 Comments: As reported over the past two weeks, widespread influenza activity is occurring in most of the Unit States, including Washington and King County. A substantial increase in confirmed influenza viruses through the end of December has detected by the UW Virology Laboratory and reports to King County Public Health also show substantial increases through the end of December. However the 14-day moving average of influenza-like symptoms reported through the Infectious Disease Monitoring program peaked the first week of January and has leveled off.  It will be interesting to see if influenza and other virus activity as confirmed by UW Virology and King County Public Health also show a leveling off.

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Last Modified:   January 13, 2014

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