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Birth Certificate Credit Cards Automobile Registration
Driver's License Title to Deeds Automobile Title
Bank Books Stocks & Bonds Citizenship Papers
Insurance Policies Senior Citizen ID Card Burial Contracts
Military Discharge Papers Wills Pet Licenses
Passports Medical Records Death Certificates
Social Security Cards Payment Books Birth Certificates
Marriage Papers Warranties DSHS ID Card *
Divorce Decree Income Tax Records  
* Public assistance clients should notify the DSHS office in their area if their I.D. card is damaged or destroyed.  Check the phone book for the office nearest you.

To Reclaim Paper Money and Coins

Check with any local commercial bank or contact:

Paper Money
Currency Redemption Division
Treasury Department
Washington, D.C. 20220

Superintendent U.S. Assay Office
32 Old Slip
New York, NY 10005

U.S. Savings Bonds
Call 1-800-333-2919 to request a Form DD 1048. Include name(s) and address(es) on bonds, approximate date of purchase, denominations and number of bonds.

Place books on end, separate pages, and air dry. You can also try placing unmarked dry paper between the pages and pressing to prevent crinkling and distorting. if very wet, air dry until damp, sprinkle cornstarch between pages, allow starch to consume moisture, then wipe with a dry cloth.

Sharp-freeze immediately. When desired copies are needed, simply allow to thaw, lift off each page as it thaws and copy. Contact any of the meat-cutting firms located in the yellow pages of your phone book for sharp (quick) freeze service.

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Last Modified:   December 26, 2006

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