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Seasonal Fire Safety Tips

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Stop Fires Before They Start!
Make your New Year's resolution for safety. Reduce the chances for a fire to start in your home.

  • Candles - Make certain that you always blow out candles when you leave a room or go to sleep. Unattended candles have started many fires over the last year.

  • Heating - Try to keep everything that can burn at least one foot away from heaters. Clothes, blankets, newspapers and furniture can start a fire if they are too close to a heater.

  • Cooking - Never leave food unattended while cooking. Many people lose more than their meal when they forget they are cooking.

  • Kids - Keep matches and lighters away from small children. Put them away in places where they are out of sight and out of reach from little hands.

  • Smoking - Remind friends and family that smoking while in bed or when sleepy is dangerous. Provide your guests and family with large ashtrays and empty the ashes when they are cold.

  • 911 - It is important that everyone in your home knows how to call 911 for emergency help. Place 911 stickers on all of your phones and make certain small children know their home address.

  • Home Escape Plan - When you hear the building fire alarm you need to act fast. Practice a home escape plan and learn where to go if a fire ever starts in your building.


Last Modified:   June 20, 2007

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