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Tools and Toys
Matches and lighters are useful tools. To adults, they seem harmless. In the hands of children they can be deadly. You wouldn't dream of leaving sharp knives lying around where children can reach then. Matches and lighters must be treated the same way.

Tell children that matches and lighters are dangerous tools that only grownups should use. Never use matches or lighters as a toy yourself. Children are great imitators. What they see you do they will try. It is important to use matches and lighters appropriately yourself.

Adults must control the availability of matches, lighters, and other fire-starting tools in the home. Many children won't think about fire if matches or lighters aren't lying around the home. Try to remove, or greatly reduce, the number of matchbooks and lighters in your home. If you smoke, keep your matches or lighter in your pocket or in your purse. Keep other matches and lighters hidden out of the reach of children.


Last Modified:   February 05, 2010

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