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Know When to Make the Call
It is important that everyone in your home knows that 911 is the number to call for emergency help. An emergency is anytime you or somebody else needs help from police, fire, or emergency medical personnel.

When you call, you need to know what to expect. In the City of Seattle when you call 911 the first person you talk to is a police dispatcher. This person will ask what type of emergency you are having. If you need fire or medical help, you will be connected with a Fire Department dispatcher who will begin by asking you several questions. You will be asked your name, address, phone number, and to describe the emergency fully.

Try to remain calm and answer the dispatcher's questions in the order they are asked. While you are answering questions, emergency units are responding to your location. Be sure to stay on the line and answer all of the questions the dispatcher asks. Don't hang up until told to do so, unless a threat to your safety requires you to leave.

It is important to talk with children about what an emergency is and how to call 911. Affix 911 stickers to every phone in your home with your address on them. In an emergency it can be surprising what information we forget. These stickers are also helpful to any guest who has to call 911.


Last Modified:   June 20, 2007