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Marina Emergency Response Plan

It is important to take the time to prepare for a fire emergency.  An emergency response plan should respond to the risk of fire as well as outline the responsibilities of staff and boat owners.

Establish a Safety Committee to develop an emergency plan that outlines the actions staff should follow in the event of a fire and the training guidelines needed to maintain their readiness.  The following list includes many of the elements that should be included in your plan:

  1. Call 9-1-1 to report the emergency.
  2. Evacuate boaters and guests.
  3. Shut off the electrical power to the fire area.
  4. Shut down the fuel dock.
  5. Move adjacent boats away from the fire area but don't untie burning boats to drift away.
  6. Move any vehicles that may obstruct fire fighting operations.
  7. Assign personnel to direct incoming emergency responders to the right location and remain available as an information resource.
  8. Work with Fire Department personnel during the development of your plan.  Firefighters can assist you with procedural decisions and you help them by providing pre-fire information particular to your marina.
  9. Train staff to make decisions based on the plan.  Training should include how to report a fire, conduct an evacuation and extinguish a fire using on-site fire fighting equipment as applicable.  If you expect staff to use equipment, you need to provide the training to safely and properly use each piece.
  10. Schedule drills for marina employees at least twice a year.  Drills allow employees the opportunity to test and practice the marina emergency response plan.  Drills also provide an opportunity to update and change the plan as needed.  No matter how detailed or basic, the plan should be written down and updated regularly.


Last Modified:   August 22, 2006

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