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Fire Extinguishers

Remember the P.A.S.S. Word
There are four basic steps to using a fire extinguisher.

Pull the safety pin by grabbing the ring and twisting.

Aim the hose at the base of the fire.

Squeeze the handle.

Sweep the hose from side to side while discharging and GET OUT

Training and practice are the best ways to prepare for emergencies. Make certain you know the P.A.S.S. system and understand how to safely use a fire extinguisher before you ever need to.

  • Don't force yourself to fight a fire that makes you uncomfortable or puts you at risk.
  • Fire extinguishers are small, quick fixes.  If you are unable to put out the fire with one extinguisher, leave.
  • Don't let the fire come between you and your exit. Keep your back to the exit and the fire in front of you.


Last Modified:   August 23, 2006

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