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Out of Sight - Out of Reach

Matches and Lighters

Sadly a number of children who die in fires set them all by themselves.  Keeping matches and lighters hidden where kids can't reach them is still one of the most effective methods of fire prevention.

Out of sight, out of reach, out of danger.

Set Clear Expectations

Tell your children what you want them to do if they find matches or a lighter.  Help them practice the behavior.  Be clear about the consequences of breaking these important rules.

Good match & lighter rules for children are:

  • If I see matches or a lighter, I will tell (young children) or give them (older children) to a grown-up.
  • If I see other children playing with matches or lighters, I will tell a grown-up so that no one will get hurt.

Lead by Example

Parents are the single most influential role model that children will ever have.  Are you treating fire with the same respect you want your children to learn?

Keep a Close Eye

Children seem to have a natural curiosity about fire.  When they're under your supervision, it's important to know what they are doing at all times.  And if you leave children to the care of other adults, be sure to discuss fire play and safety issues beforehand.

Reward Good Behavior

When children show appropriate behavior with matches and lighters, (such as giving them to an adult or telling on a friend that may be misusing them) they should be rewarded.  If children are clear about the expectations regarding their behavior, they will probably make better decisions.



Last Modified:   January 05, 2015

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