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Apartment Manager's Information

Multi-Residential Fire Safety Handbook

The Fire Safety Handbook for Mulit-Residential Buildings was developed to assist property managers in their fire safety efforts. The Seattle Fire Code and Washington State Law establish fire safety regulations for multi-residential housing. These rules require property owners to develop a fire emergency guide for tenants. They also require that tenants be informed about the fire protection equipment in the building.

This handbook will provide:

11. Information to inform staff and tenants about home fire prevention and safety

22. Guidelines for developing a Code-required Fire Emergency Guide

33. Recommendations for developing fire emergency procedures and

44. An overview of what to expect from the Fire Department inspection process.

Apartment Fire Safety

Home Fire Safety

Fire Escape Planning

Fire Safety Checklist 

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Washington State Fire & Life Safety Disclosure Form

Enacted in 2002, Washington State RCW 59.18.060 requires residential property owners to provide written notification to tenants regarding fire protection and building safety in their building.  More information is available here:

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Last Modified:   October 28, 2015