2018 Candidates

The following information is for candidates who submitted an application for Firefighter this year. The 2018 application period closed June 12, 2018. Testing results were emailed to all candidates in mid-September.

The Seattle Fire Department is able to schedule the top 90 candidates for Fire Chief interviews this November. Eligible candidates received an email with self-scheduling information.

Tentative Schedule

Jun 2018: Application period & testing assessments

Jul 2018: Self-schedule oral board exam by July 31, 2018

Aug 2018: Oral board exams

Sep 2018: Firefighter Register established, eligible candidates proceed to pre-employment screening

Sep 2018: Employment packet, written suitability assessments

Oct 2018: CPAT

Nov 2018: Fire Chief interviews

Nov 2018: Conditional offer & background check

Nov 2018: Medical evaluation (November 21, 28, 29, 30, December 3, 5, 6, 7)

Nov 2018: Psychological written evaluation (November 11-December 10)

Nov 2018: Psychological interview (November 19-December 10)

Jan 2019: Recruit school 110 begins (January 30, 2019)

Spring 2019: SFD sponsored EMT course (available to candidates selected for hire)

Aug 2019: Recruit school 111 begins


Questions regarding pre-employment screening or the job of a Seattle Firefighter should be directed to the Seattle Fire Department Recruitment Office via email to SFD.Recruitment@seattle.gov.

Four recruit classes have been hired from the current 2016 firefighter register. We are hiring a fifth class from this current regsiter, to start August 8, 2018. The 2016 firefighter register will remain active until the 2018 firefighter register is established.

Hiring for a February 2019 recruit class is anticipated to be made from the 2018 firefighter register.

The next Firefighter application period will be scheduled as needed and Department budget allows.

The Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) is administered after the Testing Process. If you are ranked within the top 25% of candidates on the 2018 Firefighter Register, we will send you a paid CPAT voucher.

You should engage in advanced physical training prior to the CPAT, targeting muscle groups used in lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying and other actions related to Firefighter tasks. A workout program may include distance running, sprints, rowing, stair climbing with weight pack and weight lifting to develop both the upper and lower body.

Download/View the Candidate Preparation Guide for information about specific physical training and weight lifting in preparation for the CPAT.

The CPAT exam is comprised of eight stations that are completed in one continuous sequence. The test is pass/fail. Download/view the CPAT Orientation Guide for detailed information.

Update your contact information on the governmentjobs website by logging in at www.GovernmentJobs.com.


No. You do not need to be EMT certified to apply or test for Seattle Firefighter.

You will need to have a current Washington state EMT certification or be eligible for certification sponsorship prior to the start of recruit school. Due to the length of our hiring process, candidates have time to meet the EMT requirement during the testing and pre-employment process. A limited number of candidates will be offered space in an EMT course during the pre-employment process.

If you possess a National Registry certification or certification from another state, please see King County reciprocity requirements.

Background documents such as resumes, cover letters, or certifications are not accepted during the application or testing process. If you score in the top 25% of the Firefighter register you will be asked to submit background documents to the Seattle Fire Department.

The 2018 Firefighter application period closed June 12, 2018. If you submitted an application, you must complete both the Work Attitudes Questionnaire as well as schedule and complete the Firefighter Testing Assessment by June 23, 2018.

If you have not received your scheduling email, please be sure to check your spam folder for the National Testing Network (NTN) email. Scheduling emails were sent from donotreply@nationaltestingnetwork.com. If you do not find the e-mail in your junk folder, please contact NTN Support at (866) 563-3882.

Also, make sure your email address was correctly entered in your application. If you change your email address in the governmentjobs.com application system, you'll need to contact NTN Support to have your scheudling email re-sent.