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Special Event Permit Fees

This page contains a list of all special event permit fees and links to application forms.

Important Note About Avoiding Late Penalties to ensure that enough time is available to review event plans for safety:

  • Most application must be submitted either 10 or 30 calendar days prior to the event date.
  • Applications for temporary assembly occupancy permits and fireworks displays must be submitted 30 days prior to the event to allow time for review and help ensure the safety of event participants.
  • Applications received less than 3 business days prior to an event may not be processed and no permit may be issued except where the chart below indicates that "same day" applications are possible.
  • Please follow the time guidelines in the table below and avoid late fees.

The initial event permit fee is based on the type of the event and the number of people who will attend the event, as follows:

Code No.
Temporary Assembly Occupancy or Outdoor Events
Due Price  
2500 FM Farmer's Market 10 days prior No Fee Application
2503* Indoor, Event attendance of  0 - 999 30 days prior $265.00 Application
2503.2* Outdoor, Event attendance of 500-999 or 100 - 999 where enclosures or barricades confine attendees ** 30 days prior $265.00 Application
2505.1* Indoor or Outdoor, Event attendance of 1,000 - 2,999 30 days prior $436.00 Application
2505.2* Indoor or Outdoor, Event attendance of 3,000 - 9,999 30 days prior $871.00 Application
2505.3* Event attendance of 10,000 - 19,999 30 days prior $1,244.00 Application
2505.4* Event attendance 20,000 and over 30 days prior $2,490.00 Application

Note: If an outdoor confined space event is attached to/or occurs in conjunction with an indoor space, the cumulative attendance for both spaces shall be used to determine whether a permit is required.

Events may also require additional permits for items like tents, fireworks display or use of LPG (propane) for cooking and heating.

Code No. Permit Type Due Price  
Temporary Assembly Occupancy  - Open Flame
1102 Open flame/flame effects, Single Event 10 days prior $220.00 Application
2511 Open flame/flame effects, valid 12 months 10 days prior $579.00 Application
Temporary Assembly Occupancy - Tent or Air-Supported Structure
3201 Tent or air-supported structure, for use when no assembly permit is required 30 days prior $292.00 Application
3201 CTY Tent or air-supported structure in combination with City of Seattle Special Events permit 30 days prior $292.00 Application
3201 SFD Tent or air-supported structure in combination with paid SFD temporary assembly permit 30 days prior No Fee Application
Temporary Assembly Occupancy - Fireworks/Special effects use/display
107 SE Temporary special event permit (ceremonial discharge of low hazard fireworks) 10 days prior No Fee Application
7801.1 Fireworks requiring outdoor discharge 30 days prior $1,454.00 Application
7801.3 Fireworks barge load/unload only (not required for events with a 7801.1 permit) 30 days prior $727.00 Application
7802 Fireworks approved for discharge before a proximate audience 30 days prior $771.00 Application
Flammable Liquids Storage/Use
8020 Single Event 10 days prior $292.00 Application
LPG (Propane) and/or Solid Fuel (including Charcoal or Wood) Used for Food Vending and/or Heating
8206 FVH Annual, valid 12 Months Same Day $394.00 Application
8207 Single Event 10 days prior $220.00 Application
Temporary Assembly Occupancy - LPG (propane) Storage/Use
8206 LPG for flame effects, valid 12 Months 10 days prior $394.00 Application
8207 LPG for flame effects, Single Event 10 days prior $220.00 Application
2500 LPG Farmer's Market LPG for portable outdoor heating when issued with a 2500FM permit, annual Same Day $394.00 Application
Temporary Assembly Occupancy - Special Hazards
8208 Single event, including indoor vehicle display, not required for holders of a 2504.5 covered/open mall permit 10 days prior $220.00 Application

For more information, please call our office at 206-386-1450 and ask to speak to a member of the Special Events section. 


Last Modified:   January 13, 2017

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