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Permit Fees

Pay by Credit Card:  Permit applicants and existing permit holders now have the ability to pay for annual and temporary permits and permit renewal fees with a credit card! These transactions can be made over the phone by calling 206.386.1450 or in person at the permit desk in the Fire Marshal's Office during regular business hours.

All permits listed, except for those permits for which a time charge is indicated, have a base fee which incorporates the cost of an initial site inspection and one (1) site re-inspection to determine compliance with the Seattle Fire Code.

Permits for which a time charge is indicated include a base fee and a labor charge calculated on actual costs for labor and other services incurred by the Fire Department before a permit is issued.

Any subsequent inspections will result in a fee based on a time charge which shall be calculated on actual costs for labor and other services. Such fees shall include overtime costs only when the work performed is outside the normal business hours (8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday) and is required by the Seattle Fire Code or is performed at the request of the owner or responsible person or permit holder.

The Seattle Fire Department charges these fees for permits in order to recover the costs associated with providing fire prevention inspections, services and permitting activities. In some cases these fees are based on the quantity of hazardous material stored and/or handled at the site and the relative risk posed by each material.


Because of the time sensitive nature of Special Events, late fees may be charged for special event permit application that are not submitted sufficiently in advance of the event.  Late fees are also applicable to annual permit renewal fees that are not submitted within 30 days of the permit expiration date.

Inquiries about Seattle Fire Department permit fees my be directed to the Fire Prevention Division at 206-386-1450.

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Last Modified:   May 19, 2014

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