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Plan Review Fee FAQ


What is the estimated charge for Plan Review time?


Fire Department Plan Review service is charged at a rate of $193 per hour, with a one hour minimum and thereafter in quarter-hour increments. The length of time to review a plan will vary with the size and complexity of the project. Plans that are unusual, request a variance, or have errors or omissions, are likely to incur a higher fee as a more lengthy plan review will be required. The range of fees provided below is expected to cover most projects. However, as plans differ, fees may be less or more than the ranges indicated below.

Plan Reviewers have provided estimates of the range of time it may take to review several types of plans.


Estimated Range for Review

  Hours Fee
Minor Tenant Improvement – Fire Alarm 1 hour $96.50 - $193
Minor Tenant Improvement – Fire Sprinkler 1 hour $96.50 - $193




4 Story Mixed Use or Residential  – Fire Alarm 2 to 3 hours $386 - $579
4 Story Mixed Use or Residential  – Fire Sprinkler 4 to 8 hours $772 - $1,544




6-7 Story Mixed Use – Fire Alarm 2 to 4 hours $386 - $772
6-7 Story Mixed Use – Fire Sprinkler 5 to 15 hours $965 - $2,895




High Rise – Fire Alarm 6 to 12 hours $1,158 - $2,316
High Rise – Fire Sprinkler 12 to 18 hours $2,316 - $3,474



When do we pay the fees?


Plan review fees are collected at the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) at the time you pick up the approved plans.


Last Modified:   July 14, 2015

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