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2014 Fee and Service Changes

The Seattle Fire Marshal's Office has a limited number of fee and service changes going into effect on January 1, 2014. They include:

  • Increases in Plan Review and Certification fees.
  • Elimination of Confidence Test filing fees.
  • Revisions in Confidence Test and system impairment reporting requirements.

All other fire prevention fees and services will remain the same as in 2013.  We wish you a happy holiday season!

Information about specific services and permits is summarized below. 

Plan Review
Fees for engineering review of architectural plans and shop drawings for fire and life safety systems are increasing by 7.6% to $184 per hour in 2014, with a one hour minimum.  Fees charged for plan review only partially offset the costs of the providing this service to customers.  The Mayor and Council directed that plan review fees increase gradually each year, starting in 2013, until the program is at full cost recovery levels.  Plan review fees were last increased on January 1, 2013. 

Certification Examinations
Fees for certification examinations will increase by 12%.  The new fee will be $326.00 per exam.  As always, if someone taking the examination needs to retake the test because they did not pass, the first retake will be provided for free if the retake occurs within 90 days of the original exam.  Fees charged for certification examinations only partially offset the costs of the program.  The Mayor and Council have directed that certification examination fees be increased gradually each year, starting in 2013, until the program is at full cost recovery levels.  Certification examination fees were last increased on January 1, 2013. 

Testing of Fire Protection Systems or "Confidence Testing" and System Impairment Reporting
Fire protection systems like sprinklers and fire alarms require testing to ensure they are functional.  This process is known as confidence testing and is required by the Seattle Fire Code as well as the State and International Fire Codes.

Testing of fire protection systems remains mandatory in 2014.  Test frequency is defined in the Seattle Fire Code.  Test reports must be maintained on the premises and systems must be tagged with red, yellow or white labels to indicate the test date and system status.  During annual inspections, Seattle Fire Department inspectors will confirm that tests have been conducted and system(s) have been properly tagged.

However, beginning in 2014, customers will no longer need to submit confidence test reports to the Seattle Fire Marshal's Office.  In addition, the $10 report filing fee has been rescinded for all tests conducted after January 1, 2014.  This change is intended to benefit customers by reducing paperwork and associated fees.

The mandatory process of notifying the Seattle Fire Department of system impairments has also been improved for 2014.  We no longer require notification of impairments that are anticipated to last less than eight hours.  For planned or emergency impairments lasting eight or more hours, customers must notify the Seattle Fire Department by emailing the short Report of Impaired System form to and calling the impairment hotline any time day or night at (206) 233-7219.

There will be a two month transition period during which time customers can either submit the older SFD forms for reporting red tagged systems or customers can email the new Report of Impaired Systems.  After February 28th, 2014, customers must notify SFD using the new form.  Regardless of which form is used, customers must always leave a message on the SFD impairment hotline at (206) 233-7219.

For more information on the confidence testing and systems impairment requirements, please see the following SFD Administrative Rules or contact the Fire Marshal's Office at (206) 386-1450.

Do You Want More Information?
For more information, please call the Seattle Fire Marshal's Office at (206) 386-1450 Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Thank you for your business.  We wish you a safe and successful 2014.


Last Modified:   December 20, 2013

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