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Impaired Systems Notification & Mitigation

The Seattle Fire Department must be notified of planned or emergency impairments that are anticipated to take a system out of service for more than eight hours. This notification allows the Department to assess the risks and make any operational decisions necessary to ensure response-readiness and the safety of building occupants and firefighters.

Timelines for Notifications

  • Planned Impairments:  At least five business days in advance, with longer notice being preferable.  We recommend that you notify the Seattle Fire Department immediately upon beginning to plan for the impairment.
  • Emergency Impairments:  Immediately.

Notification Process

The notification process has two mandatory steps:

Systems Testing and Reporting Overview

Impaired Systems Notification and Mitigation

Testing Schedule and Information

Systems Testing CAM (PDF)

Fees and Reporting for Tests Conducted Prior to 1/1/2014

Report of Impaired System Form

Systems Testing Forms

Fire Safety Companies
with Seattle Fire Department Certified Technicians

  1. Call the systems impairment hotline for Seattle Fire Department at 206-233-7219 and provide the following information:

        -  Caller name, company name and phone number.
        -  Name and address of the building affected.
        -  Name of the building owner or occupant and phone number, if known.
        -  Nature of the impairment; specifically which system has the problem
           (fire, alarm, sprinkler, etc.), including details on system locations or
           zones affected.
        -  Estimated time before it will be restored to service.
        -  Mitigation measures implemented.
  2. Email a copy of the Report of Impaired System to to provide written notification to the Seattle Fire Department.

In addition to the Fire Department, you should notify your insurance carrier, the alarm company, the building owner/manager and/or any supervisors or tenants in the areas to be affected.  Tell them what the impairment is and provide an estimate of how long the system(s) might be out of service.

There will be a two month transition period from January 1, 2014, through February 28, 2014, during which time customers can either submit the older Seattle Fire Department forms for reporting red-tagged systems or customers can email the new Report of Impaired System.  After February 28, 2014, customers must notify Seattle Fire Department using the new Report of Impaired Systems.  Regardless of which form is used, customers must always leave a message on the Seattle Fire Department impairment hotline at (206) 233-7219.

Mitigation Measures

When a fire protection system is out of order, it may be necessary for you to take mitigation measures to ensure the safety of building occupants and first responders.  An approved fire-watch or other approved mitigation is required for impairment to fire protection systems lasting more than eight hours. For more information, see Section 8 of Administrative Rule 09.04.14.  You may also call our office at 206-386-1450 and ask to speak to with the Engineering Captain.

What to Do When the System is Restored to Service 

When an impaired system is restored to normal working order, please notify the Fire Department, the insurance carrier, the alarm company, the building owner/manager and/or any supervisors or tenants in the affected areas.

Seattle Fire Department should be notified by sending an email message to   Include building address, system type and date/time system was restored to service.

In addition, remove all red tags placed on the system while it was impaired.


Administrative Rule 09.04.14 provides more detailed information on what to do when a system impairment is identified.  You may also call our office at 206-386-1450 and ask to speak with the Engineering Captain.


Last Modified:   December 15, 2014

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