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Medical Strike Team

In response to the threat of domestic terrorism, the Seattle Fire Department formed its own Metropolitan Medical Strike Team (MMST).

The personnel that staff this team have been through extensive training to detect, contain and neutralize these deadly nuclear, biological and chemical agents, also referred to as Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

The potential use of these Weapons of Mass Destruction, has been a driving force behind the types of personnel training and equipment acquisitions fire departments and government agencies have had to address.

The threat of such an attack has been considered serious enough that city, county, state, and federal resources have all been utilized on programs such as the Seattle Fire Department MMST, the National Guard RAID teams, and the Marine Corps CBIRF team.

The future goal of the Seattle Fire Department is to implement the Hazardous Materials Response Team and the Metropolitan Medical Strike Team as a regional resource. This would increase the interoperability of resources between the department and similar organizations.

As new technology and equipment continue to be developed and tested and as team personnel continue to drill and train along with other regional and federal agencies, the ability to successfully respond, contain and neutralize these types of incidents with a minimal loss of life has, and will continue, to increase.


Last Modified:   June 13, 2012

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