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Firefighter Candidate Information

2013 Firefighter Applicant Information

Updated 4/16/2014


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  When will I receive the results of my Oral Board Exam #2?

A.  Results will be sent to candidates no later than May 1st.

Q:  How can I turn in my DD-214 for veteran's preference points?

A:  Candidates who participated in Oral Board #2 should submit their documentation for veterans scoring criteria (e.g., DD-214 showing honorable discharge) as soon as possible to: or fax to (206)615-1439 (if faxing, please call (206)615-0581 in advance so we can confirm that your fax has arrived).

Q. Once the Firefighter register is posted (approximately May 1, 2014), what happens next?

A.  The Fire Department will receive the names and contact information for the top 25% of the candidates on the register.  Those candidates will be contacted by the Fire Department when the Department is ready to begin the pre-employment process.  The dates for this process have not been set, however, candidates should anticipate that the department will immediately begin the pre-employment process for an anticipated August 2014 class.

Q.  How many recruit classes will be hired from the Firefighter register posted approximately May 1, 2014?

A:  That will be determined by the Department’s hiring needs during the life of the register.  It is not known at this point in time.

Q.  When is the next EMT class going to be offered by Seattle Fire Department?

  There will not be an EMT class offered that will finish before the Recruit Class tentatively scheduled to begin in August, 2014.  At this time, there is not a definite date set for the EMT class but most likely it would not begin until at least fall, 2014.

Q.  Am I assured a spot in the EMT class?  How do I get selected for the EMT class?

  If the Fire Department does offer an EMT class, candidates who are on the current Firefighter register would be offered a spot in the class according to their status in the pre-employment process at the time the class is being scheduled.

Q.  What would be the schedule for the EMT class?

  The schedule is not yet determined.  Once the class schedule is announced, candidates who are offered a spot in the class would need to be able to attend all dates of the class as scheduled.

Q.  Should I get my EMT certification on my own?

  The Seattle Fire Department recommends that all candidates pursue their EMT certification if possible.  The requirement is that candidates have their EMT certification at the time of hire; since that hire date is unknown, it is best to pursue your EMT certification as soon as you are able.  In deciding when and how to obtain EMT certification, it is up to each candidate individually to assess their time and other resources.

Q:  How many positions are typically filled?

A:  25-50 positions are typically filled by the Fire Department from each register.  This will vary according to the Fire Department’s needs, which are continuously assessed throughout the year.

Q:  Do I need to be a Washington State (or City of Seattle) resident to
      be hired?


      When do I have to have a Washington State Driver's License?


      When do I have to have a Washington State EMT certification?

A:  There is no residency requirement in order to apply for the position of Seattle Firefighter.  Both the Washington State Driver's License and the Washington State EMT certification are required before a candidate can be hired (please see the "Requirements at the Time of Appointment" section in the Firefighter Job Bulletin).

Q:  Who do I contact if I have a question?

A:  All applicants should review the Firefighter Job Bulletin.  If you have a question that is not answered in the Job Bulletin, you may contact the Seattle Personnel Department via email at or by phone at (206) 615-0581.  For Pre-Employment Screening questions, please email


Last Modified:   April 16, 2014

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