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Code Alternates

Note: Reference to Section of the Seattle Municipal Code (SMC 22.602.080).

  1. This section shall not apply to requests for a code alternate/variance which result from plan review and examination, issuance of permits pursuant to Seattle Municipal Code 22.602.045 or due to deferment of provisions to a separate regulating agency.

  2. Whenever a building owner or other responsible party proposes to use an alternate material or method to meet the intent or requirement of the Fire Code, the Fire Chief or his designee shall collect and the responsible party shall pay a fee for field inspection and research.
  1. The fee for such code alternates/variances shall be $214.00 plus a time charge equal to actual labor costs plus applicable administrative overhead costs for field inspection, code research or analysis exceeding one hour.  Alternate/variance requests which do not require field inspection or detailed code research exceeding one (1) hour of staff time will be subject to a flat nonrefundable fee of $214.00.


Last Modified:   January 03, 2017
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