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Wood Stoves

The Seattle Fire Code does not regulate the installation of wood stoves. However, there are State and City agencies that have regulations pertaining to the installation and operation of wood stoves. In general, an old cast iron stove would not be approved for installation in this state.

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency states:

"Since 1992, only wood stoves or fireplace inserts that are EPA-certified can be sold and installed in Washington state. It must have an EPA label plate attached showing that it meets Washington particulate emission standards:

4.5 grams of particulates per hour for non-catalytic devices

2.5 grams per hour for catalytic devices.

Certified stoves and inserts reduce emissions by about 50 percent versus older, uncertified stoves (see "Cost to heat a typical home" table).  Certified devices have combustion technology that essentially burns much of the smoke away instead of releasing it into the air."

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Also, the City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD) requires a permit to install wood stoves. For more information specific to wood stove installation and installation requirements, contact:

Technical Support:  206-684-7846
Permit Information:  206-684-8464

For more information about DPD view the following web site:

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