Station 5 - Seattle Waterfront

Updated: November 18, 2013

About the Station
Fire Station 5 occupies a prominent site at 925 Alaskan Way on Seattle's busy and historic waterfront, in between the Colman Dock ferry terminal to the south and the iconic Ivar's Acres of Clams restaurant to the north. Fire stations and fireboats have called this location home since 1902, though the current station was built in 1963. Fire Station 5 houses both the land-based Engine Company 5 and Fireboat Engine Company 4. Fireboats currently docked at the fire station's pier are the 108-foot Leschi, the 44-foot Marine One and a 25-foot rescue boat.

The station has undergone minor remodels over the years but is largely architecturally intact and in generally fair condition. As with any station of this vintage, it does not meet many current seismic, safety and accessibility codes. Crew, administrative and support facilities are also well below standard for modern fire stations.

Fire Station 5 is a distinctive, prominent and recognizable fixture on the Seattle waterfront and, as such, will be nominated for consideration as a designated historic landmark.   

About the Project
The building and supporting pier structure will be seismically upgraded, and the interior renovated for safety improvements and modernization of the station's crew areas and support facilities. The timing of the renovations will coincide with the Elliott Bay Seawall Project, the Fire Station 5 pier strengthening and the removal of the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Plans call for:

  • Structural upgrades to the building and pier to meet current applicable seismic codes
  • Cooordination with the Seattle Department of Transportation seawall project to strengthen the pier and reattach it to the new seawall
  • Interior renovations and modernizations of the crew quarters, administrative areas, beanery, dayroom and fitness areas
  • Renovations of support facilities to provide proper decontamination facilities, adequate maintenance and work space, and improved equipment and supply storage areas
  • Updated mechanical, plumbing, electrical and communications systems to support the crews and the fire apparatus

Temporary Relocation
Planning is under way to temporarily relocate both the engine company and the fireboat company prior to the start of phase 3 of the seawall project. Engine Company 5 will likely move to a nearby fire station in downtown Seattle. Fireboat Company 4 is moving to temporary facilities located at Port of Seattle's Pier 90. Crews and equipment will remain in the temporary locations until the seismic and safety upgrade is complete.

Project Milestones


  • Anticipated Start Date: 2014
  • Anticipated Completion: 2017*

*Note: construction and completion dependent upon completion of the seawall project.