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City Project Suggestion Program Update
-Sept. 25, 2006 (12.9 kb pdf)

Note: the information below is presented for archival purposes.

CIP Project Suggestions and Department Feedback

The links below provide department feedback to the CIPproject suggestions submitted to the City of Seattle, as well as a description of the project and its justification (if provided). The projects are grouped by district; the index provides a list of all suggestions received and how they've been sorted. If you have any questions regarding the department feedback, please contact the department providing that feedback. The people on the List of City Contacts (9 KBpdf file) can answer your questions and assist you in locating the relevant staff people within a specific department.

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the project suggestion files.

Project Suggestion Index (35 kb pdf)

Citywide (49 kb pdf) | Ballard (29 kb pdf) | Central (27 kb pdf) | Delridge (47 kb pdf)

Downtown (41 kb pdf) | Duwamish (12 kb pdf) | Greater Duwamish (91 kb pdf) | East (30 kb pdf)

Lake Union (111 kb pdf) | Magnolia/Queen Anne (38 kb pdf) | North (42 kb pdf)

Northeast (91 kb pdf) | Northwest (103 kb pdf) | Southeast (59 kb pdf) | Southwest (72 kb pdf)

The purpose of the Capital Improvement Program - Project Suggestion Form is to:
1) provide citizens with a way to formally nominate a capital project for consideration during the budget process,
2) make suggested projects available for comment by neighborhood district councils and other members of the public; and
3) provide feedback to citizens about their suggestions.
The desired outcome of this process is to engage the public in a way that improves the information available to City departments and officials as they make decisions about possible capital projects.

Pages 1 and 2 must be submitted to Candice Chin, Department of Finance, by 9 a.m., Monday, March 20, 2006. They can be e-mailed, faxed, mailed, or hand delivered, but e-mail is strongly recommended as your suggestion can be acknowledged and processed most quickly if received in electronic form.

Download Now (Word format)
Capital Improvement Suggestion Form Instructions (37.5 KB) | Capital Improvement Suggestion Form (31 KB)List of City Contacts (37.5 KB)

Download Now (pdf format)
Capital Improvement Suggestion Form Instructions (11.4 KB) | Capital Improvement Suggestion Form (27.3 KB)List of City Contacts (9 KB)

Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Overview
The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) allocates existing funds and revenues to rehabilitate, restore, improve, and add to the Citys physical plant. The CIP covers a six-year planning horizon, but a new one is adopted each year to reflect ongoing changes, additions, and deletions. The document, prepared by the Department of Finance based on submissions from City departments, is approved by the Mayor, and is then submitted to the City Council, which, with any revisions, adopts it. Although this process occurs every year, there is greater focus every other year, as the City is now on a biennial budget cycle, with 2006 being the year in which the next two-year budget (2007-2008) will be adopted.

Under the Citys financial policies, a capital expenditure is defined to include all costs: labor, equipment material, consultant, and contractor for the creation/purchase of an asset (1) with a useful life of more than one year; (2) whose benefits accrue to future customers or generations; and (3) which maintains the value of investment or adds to the Citys Physical Plant or is an intangible asset, such as a planning study or software development which can be amortized because its useful life extends beyond the period that expenses were incurred.

Read the news release: Mayor seeks suggestions on capital projects,1/27/06

Last updated: August 21, 2006

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