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Newsletter Submission Criteria

The Office of Film + Music distributes a weekly e-newsletter detailing information and news that are of interest to, or have an effect on, Seattle's film and music industries.

To maintain the quality of our newsletter, criteria for submissions are as follows:

  • Deadline to submit material is 5pm every Tuesday. Information that is received after the deadline WILL NOT be included in that week's newsletter.
  • Submissions must inform the industries about unique opportunities; high-impact, far-reaching or major events; or wide-spread industry news.
  • Specific or smaller scale events can be submitted if they are open to everyone and/or are free to the public.
  • Events requiring attendees to be a member of a specific group will not be accepted.
  • The newsletter is not a way for you to promote your business.
  • All submissions should include:
    • Title
    • Website Link
    • Brief description of no more than 100 words
  • All event submissions should include:
    • Event Title
    • Event Date and Time
    • Event Location, including street address
    • Brief description of event
    • Name of organization hosting/sponsoring event
    • Contact information including name, phone number and e-mail
    • Website link

Submissions without the above listed criteria will not be included. Unfortunately we are unable to publish every submission due to the space, fairness and timing demands. We do not post the same story more than once. Artwork and logos are used at our discretion. The Film + Music Office makes all final decisions about what content will be included in the newsletter and may edit or change submissions before including them.

Why do we include Kickstarter projects and not IndieGoGo projects?

We highlight Seattle-based Kickstarter projects in our Film + Music Newsletter each week. The overwhelming basis for promoting Kickstarter as a project fundraiser stems from the tool's clear and complete structure. It is a system that ensures artists approach each and every venture with a comprehensive business plan. The debatable result, wherein artists may or may not keep the funds they raise based on whether or not their project is funded fully, interests us because it protects project backers. IndieGoGo, although a great money-generating platform, does not provide the same level of investor protection when projects go by the wayside. At least for the time being, our office has decided to continue supporting Kickstarter.

Please send submissions or any questions concerning the criteria to