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Prepare now for floods

Click HERE to go directly to King County's website regarding Regional Flood Preparedness.

Serious flooding may occur in some areas of King County this winter. Homes, farms and businesses in the Green River Valley are particularly at risk. Residents should prepare now for the winter season.

Subscribe to and receive alerts and updates during emergency events. Note: When registering your cell phone or pager for text based RPIN alerts, type your 10-digit number (without dashes or spaces), the "@" symbol and your phone line carrier. Example:

Are you ready?

  • Make an emergency plan and assemble an emergency kit.
  • Buy flood insurance now; it takes 30 days for a policy to take effect. Review your current policy; a standard insurance policy will not cover flood damage. Contact your insurance agent or use the link above.
  • Purchase an inexpensive AM radio or NOAA weather radio with batteries in case of power outages for urgent news day and night.
  • Monitor area news media for information if severe weather is predicted.
  • Listen for alerts about evacuation routes or find the latest evacuation route information.
  • Monitor local road conditions and obey closure signs.
  • Take medications and supplies with you, for those with medical needs.
  • Be ready to relocate pets, animals, and livestock out of harm's way.
  • Know where to go for current flood data: King County flood warning system.
  • Minimize flood damage:
    • Store valuables and electronics higher on the ground floor, on the second story or in your attic.
    • Keep hazardous chemicals out of floodwaters - businesses and residents (PDF).
    • Ensure underground storage tanks are sealed and secure.
    • Learn how to use sandbags and locate where you can buy or get them ahead of time if needed for flood fighting.
    • Move vehicles and equipment to high ground before flood waters rise.
    • Keep storm drains free of leaves and other debris.
    • Know who to call and how to protect yourself if flooding leads to sewer overflows into homes and businesses.


Homeowner's Guide to Flooding


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