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Hearing Examiner Decisions

Hearing Examiner decisions from 1990 to the present are maintained by the City Clerk and available online.  Current cases are posted monthly (e.g., January decisions are posted in February, etc). Please read the search instructions or go directly to search decisions.


Searching by File Number
You can search for a decision in a number of ways. If you know the file number, you can find the decision by placing the file number in the field on the search screen entitled "Hearing Examiner File No."  Please be careful to include the dashes in the file numbers (e.g., B-99-001: if you type B99-001, your search will be unsuccessful).

Searching by Type of Decision
If you are looking for decisions of a particular type, you can choose one of the subject areas included in the "Type of Decision" field. Within that field, you have seven (7) choices:

  • Tax
  • Landmarks & Special Districts
  • Council Land Use Actions (Includes Hearing Examiner recommendations to the City Council on rezones, major institution master plans, and Council Conditional Uses)
  • Conditional Uses & Variances
  • SEPA, Environmentally Critical Areas
  • Subdivisions, Short plats
  • Land Use Code Interpretations
  • Other

Searching by Words in Decision
You can also search based on keywords. For instance, by typing the word "variance" in the "Words in Decision" field, the computer will search for decisions that include the word variance.

Searching by Department Reference Number
Many of the matters that come before the Hearing Examiner have been assigned a reference number by the department that made the decision being appealed. For instance, the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) typically assigns each application a project number. If you have the department’s reference number, you can enter it in the Department Reference Number field to help your search.

Search Decisions

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