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1998 Seattle Voters' Pamphlet



Judge Theresa Doyle was appointed by Mayor Paul Schell to Position One on Seattle Municipal Court in April, 1998 after a lengthy merit selection process. She was rated "Exceptionally Well Qualified" for the appointment by a selection committee comprising the King County Bar Association, Loren Miller Bar Association, Washington Women Lawyers, Asian Bar Association, Hispanic Bar Association, Lesbian and Gay Lawyers, and Lawyers with Disabilities. Judge Doyle has wide support among prosecutors and defense attorneys, judges, elected officials, and many prominent members of the bar and community.

A Seattle native, Theresa Doyle grew up in the South End, and graduated from Rainier Beach High School. She worked her way through the University of Washington, and earned an outstanding academic record at the University of Puget Sound (Seattle University) Law School, where she was an editor of the law review. She clerked for the Court of Appeals in Washington and California. Before her appointment to the bench, she was a seasoned appellate attorney practicing in the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. She

has worked as a public defender, trial attorney, and as a civil attorney at a large corporate law firm.

As a judge, Theresa Doyle has earned a reputation for fairness, knowledge of the law, and the ability to handle the court's heaviest calendars. She is known for her thoughtful decisions, which demonstrate respect for citizens' constitutional rights as well as concern for public safety. In sentencing decisions, she strives to help the offender learn to help himself/herself using the tools of treatment options, jail, fines and monitored probation. She believes that the bench can play an important role in deterring young people from crime. For example, she frequently requires youthful offenders to show progress toward getting a high school degree, GED or employment as a condition of their sentence.

Judge Doyle has been endorsed by the King County Labor Council, International Professional & Technical Engineers (Local 17), King County Democratic Central Committee, and numerous other organizations. She lives in the Ravenna neighborhood with her husband and two sons.



Campaign address:

916 Northeast 65th Street, No. 526

Seattle, WA 98115


The above statement was written by the candidate, who is solely responsible for the contents therein.



The Municipal Court of Seattle has, in the past fourteen years, established procedures that combine efficient caseflow management techniques with the highest level of due process of any court of limited jurisdiction in Washington, resulting in an efficient, effective criminal justice system. The time between arrest and disposition has been reduced significantly; there is no "backlog" of cases awaiting resolution.

No criminal defendant pleads guilty or goes to trial in the Seattle Municipal Court without an attorney unless that person voluntarily waives the right to counsel. This is unique in a district or municipal court, expensive to the taxpayers, but is mandated by the Constitutions, and is the most important method of assuring that innocent people are not convicted and punished. It also assures that cases are resolved on their merits, the primary goal of any criminal justice system.

In partnership with the Family Violence Project, the court has created domestic violence calendars, reducing the time between arraignment and trial to less than sixty days. For those convicted of domestic violence offenses, innovative and effective treatment programs are required in addition to punishment, where appropriate. Trained, proficient, probation counselors

work with offenders, demanding accountability and reporting failures to the court, where revocation proceedings are quickly held. While the dismissal rate due to frightened and otherwise uncooperative victims remains high, the court continues to work with the City Attorney to find solutions. Recent changes in the Seattle City Attorney's office resulting in earlier intervention and improved advocacy have greatly increased the cases resolved on their merits, to the benefit of the victims, witnesses and the public.

The U.S. Bureau of Justice reports that we have more than 1½ million citizens in prisons and jails in the U.S., twice the number since 1985. We spend $30 billion on incarceration. After ten years of experimentation with the idea that only warehousing works, we are again acknowledging that rehabilitation is an effective and efficient method of reducing crime; drug courts are an example of the effectiveness of probation. To complain that the criminal justice system fails to punish is to ignore the facts. It is gratifying that we are no longer relying almost exclusively upon incarceration.

I look forward to continuing to work with the staff and leadership of the Municipal Court in reducing recidivism and improving the quality of all of our lives in Seattle.




1011 Western Avenue Suite 803

Seattle, WA 98104


The above statement was written by the candidate, who is solely responsible for the contents therein.



Ron Mamiya was born in Seattle and attended Franklin High School, graduating from the University of Washington and Gonzaga School of Law. He has been active in community and legal activities for over 25 years; and has been appointed by the State Supreme Court to numerous commissions and boards including the Judicial Administration Commission, Minority and Justice Commission, State Court Interpreter Taskforce, and the State District and Municipal Court Judges' Association board.

"I am honored to have the opportunity to continue to serve the citizens of our City; and look forward to the challenges ahead." Ron, a third generation Seattleite, has a vested interest in our community, the welfare of this City and its inhabitants.

The Municipal Court of Seattle, "the people's court," is the busiest court in the State. Composed of 10 judges and 252 employees, it adjudicates 58% of the misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors in King County. With ever increasing demands upon its resources, the Municipal Court is a leader in the use of tech

nology and progressive management techniques to provide access to its services.

Its large caseload, urban setting and diverse population present unique challenges. As a skilled trial judge, Ron's work ethic and understanding of human nature provide him with all the tools necessary to meet the future needs of this complex court. Substantial judicial experience, common sense, fairness and integrity are qualities that make him well qualified for this position.

Judge Mamiya is proud to be a member of the most diverse bench in the state, if not the United States. Such diversity is a substantial step toward restoring public confidence that everyone will be provided "equal justice under the law."

Ron enjoys coaching youth basketball and football, fishing and spending time with his wife, Melanie, and two sons.



Campaign Address:

1011 Western Avenue, Suite 803

Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: (206) 467-6709


The above statement was written by the candidate, who is solely responsible for the contents therein.



Darrel Johnson, 48, is an experienced trial lawyer who has been a city prosecutor for the past five years for the cities of Lake Forest Park and Brier. He has prosecuted drunk drivers and domestic assaults for these two communities. He has also appeared as defense counsel in other municipal courts and in the district courts of King County. He has handled Family Law dissolution and custody cases in King County Superior Court.

For the past year, Darrel Johnson has served as a Pro Tem Judge for the Seattle Municipal Court. He has presided over DUI and assault jury trials, pretrial hearings and in-custody arraignments at the courtroom in the jail. Johnson has drawn upon his balanced breadth of experience to deal with the heavy caseloads of Seattle Municipal Court in a fair and expeditious manner.

"It is important to me that the Seattle community be a safe and enjoyable place to live for everyone. As a Pro Tem Judge, I have required persons charged with drunk driving offenses with high breathalyzer readings to attend at least two AA meetings a week while their cases are pending. In domestic violence cases, I have imposed No Contact Orders, often over the protest of the victims, in an attempt to provide a break in the vicious cycle of


Johnson has been a volunteer attorney providing free legal advice once a month at the Lake City Legal Clinic since 1993. He is an Eagle Scout and has been active in his nine-year-old son's Cub Scout Pack 144. He is married and has lived in North Seattle near Nathan Hale High School since 1985.

Johnson is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound, where he was Student Body President. He became a member of the Washington State Bar Association after graduating from the University of Oregon Law School in 1976.

"As a Pro Tem Judge, I have applied my experience, knowledge, and common sense to steer people to needed alcohol treatment, domestic violence counseling, mental health evaluations or to send them to jail, when appropriate. If you want someone with patience and good humor, which are the hallmarks of a good judge, then elect me to Seattle Municipal Court."

Darrel Johnson has been rated "Highly Qualified" by the Washington Women Lawyers and "Well Qualified" by the Asian Bar Association for Seattle Municipal Court.



P.O. Box 15901

Seattle WA 98115-0901

Phone: (206) 447-0133

Seattle voters elected Judge Hightower in 1990 by an unprecedented write-in vote. During her two terms as Judge, she has fulfilled the high expectations of the voters who urged her to seek this office. Judge Hightower is known and respected for her fairness and providing an opportunity to be heard for all who appear before her. She knows the law and applies it fairly. She has the intellectual honesty and courage to make decisions that may be politically unpopular but which are just and consistent with the law. Judge Hightower does not sacrifice the quality of justice for expediency and presides over her court with compassion and intelligence.

During her two terms she has contributed her skills, energy and commitment to the Court and community. Her leadership is recognized in the judiciary and the community at large. Elected Presiding Judge by her colleagues for 1997, she also serves on numerous task forces including the King County Mentally Ill Offender Task Force and the Drug Involved Offender Task Force, which seek to address appropriate interventions to reduce crime. She is a representative to the Access to Justice Board's education committee that focuses on the right of the public to access our courts. Judge Hightower, 49, is on the board for Girls Scouts Totem Council and Farestart. She sings with Shades of Praise Gospel Choir. A Seattle native, mother of two, a 31 year old son, journeyman electrician, and 17-year-

old daughter, Judge Hightower received her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Washington and Law Degree from Seattle University. In addition to her judicial experience, her background includes six years as a criminal trial lawyer, eleven years in banking and a long history of community service. A former single parent, Judge Hightower is sensitive to the needs of working people and families.

Judge Hightower is concerned with reducing the rate of repeat offenders and closing the revolving door of our criminal justice system. She holds offenders accountable, imposes creative solutions for rehabilitation when appropriate and always seeks a just result under all circumstances and applicable law. She is committed to improving the criminal justice system and the public it serves.

Endorsements: Hon. Norman and Dr. Constance Rice, County Exec. Ron Sims, City Councilmembers Martha Choe, Nick Licata, Richard Conlin, Richard McIver, County Councilmembers Larry Gossett, Dwight Pelz; Rev. and Mrs. Samuel B. McKinney and many Judges, other elected official, citizens and organizations.

Submitted by:

The Committee to Re-elect

Judge Judith Hightower

Dr. Hubert C. Locke, Kay Bullitt, Hon. Ruperta Alexis, Honorary Co-Chairs

Audrey Berry, Treasurer



Campaign Address:

1315 Madison Street 286

Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: (206) 725-1019

The above statements are written by the candidates, who are solely responsible for the contents therein.



no photo


George W.



The above statement was written by the candidate, who is solely responsible for the contents therein.



It has been my honor to serve the public in the state's busiest court since my appointment in 1993, and my subsequent election in 1994. Although I am running unopposed for Position No. 6 on the Seattle Municipal Court, I believe that the voters should be informed about the past five years and the next four.

During this past term, I have strived to be fair to all those who have appeared before me. This includes victims, defendants, and opposing counsel. In one memorable case, I ruled that the city's sidewalk-sitting ordinance was constitutional despite my personal reservations. The legal maxim, "Courts must not consider the wisdom of the legislative intent, but only its constitutional ramifications," applied in that case, as it should have.

I have also held accountable those defendants who have violated the city's criminal ordinances and conditions of probation. At the same time, I believe it important to give those who are homeless, with mental illnesses or with other debilitating factors complicating their lives, fair and equitable consideration measured with compassion.

Education of our youth has been and continues to be my highest personal priority. Since my appointment in 1993, I have brought over 2,000 middle and high school students to the courts and King County jail for visits. These visits are preceded by individual classroom discussions about personal choices and consequences—at times citing my own "good" and "bad" choices with consequences that have helped me grow and learn.

For such efforts, I received KOMO Television's "Home Town Hero," and the Seattle YWCA's Coleman Pierce Award for "Stopping the Violence." I am grateful for these awards, as well as others, but know that my contributions are only a small part of the collective effort to create a more peaceful and just community and society.

During the next four years, I will continue to visit schools, and my courtroom will remain open. I will be available to help in our community's efforts to stop violence and reduce jail recidivism, both on and off the Bench.

To conclude, my pledge to the voters is to maintain judicial integrity and to provide—at all times—"equal justice under the law."

Michael S.



The above statement was written by the candidate, who is solely responsible for the contents therein.



Helen Halpert, age 46, was appointed to the Seattle Municipal Court in 1989. Since then, she has presided over jury trials, bench trials, arraignments and pre-trial calendars. For many years, she has handled a domestic violence calendar. Judge Halpert is currently Presiding Judge, responsible for the overall administrative functioning of the Court.

Seattle Municipal Court is the busiest court in the State. It is the only court of limited jurisdiction in Washington to have adopted "time to resolution" standards in an effort to insure that cases are resolved promptly and with due regard for individual rights. Through the efforts of the entire bench, the Court has greatly increased its efficiency and has made significant progress towards our goal of insuring timely access to justice for all citizens. Judge Halpert is proud to be an active participant in this effort.

Judge Halpert has been involved in a number of activities of service to the bench and the bar. She is a co-author of The Domestic Violence Manual for Judges, which is distributed to all trial court judges in Washington. In 1998, Judge Halpert was

appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to serve on the Washington Pattern Jury Instruction Committee. She has been a member of the District and Municipal Court Judges Association Education Committee and the Gender and Justice Task Force Implementation Committee. Judge Halpert has taught continuing education classes for both judges and attorneys—mostly recently teaching a seminar for judges on legal writing. She has served as a volunteer judge for both the University of Washington and Seattle University Schools of Law mock trial programs.

Prior to her appointment to the bench, Judge Halpert served as an attorney with the Seattle-King County Public Defender Association. Before that, she was assistant dean and lecturer in law at the University of Washington School of Law. She has also served as an adjunct professor at Seattle University School of Law (formerly University of Puget Sound).

Judge Halpert is a long-time resident of Seattle. She and her husband Alan have two children: Sam, age six, and Mari, age eighteen. She is honored to have received an early endorsement from the Women's Political Caucus.




Suite 803

1011 Western

Seattle, WA 98104 PHONE: (206) 467-6709

FAX: (206) 467-8170


The above statement was written by the candidate, who is solely responsible for the contents therein.


Judge Jean Rietschel has served as a municipal court judge since June of 1996. She was appointed by former Mayor Norm Rice after an extensive merit selection process. She graduated from the University of Rochester in 1972, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy with honors. She received her Juris Doctor from the University of Washington in 1977.

Judge Rietschel has lived in the Leschi neighborhood for the last fifteen years with her partner, Lois Thetford, a physician assistant and co-founder of the 45th Street Community Clinic.

Jean Rietschel has extensive experience as an attorney. Upon graduation from law school, she worked as a Vista attorney at Institutional Legal Services, representing juveniles in state institutions. She was then employed for eight years by The Public Defender, working in the misdemeanor, felony, juvenile, appeal and civil commitment divisions. From 1988 until her appointment, she operated her own general practice representing individuals in such areas as wills, estates, probate, personal injury, bankruptcy, contracts, juvenile and criminal law.

Jean Rietschel is the Acting Pre

siding Judge for Seattle Municipal Court. She has been very involved in the administration of justice. Her ideas for reorganizing the court schedule which were implemented this year have resulted in a shorter jury term for citizens as well as a more equitable work load in the various departments of the court. She is supervising the revision of court forms, with the goal of making the process easier to understand. She has participated in inter-government committees dealing with the issues of domestic violence.

Judge Rietschel was selected to preside over the complex trial of twelve Greenpeace protestors who were arrested last year for hanging by ropes off the Aurora Bridge. She dismissed on First Amendment grounds the charges against the two defendants who were arrested for speaking to the press. A jury acquitted the remaining defendants.

Jean Rietschel's judicial philosophy is to treat everyone who comes into her courtroom fairly, to make sure that all sides have the opportunity to participate and to be heard and to explain any decision she makes in terms the parties can understand and respect. She looks forward to continuing her work to improve Seattle Municipal Court.


Jean A.



1615 4th Avenue West #1

Seattle, WA 98119

PHONE: (206) 215-1438


The above statement was written by the candidate, who is solely responsible for the contents therein.



I would like to express my appreciation to the voters and to thank you for the opportunity to serve you for the past four years.

During the next four years, we must anticipate and be prepared for the myriad of changes that will take place in the judicial system. I believe it is my responsibility to be informed regarding significant changes to ensure a well-grounded understanding of the impact that new laws will have on citizens.

I am looking forward to serving you, and I will continue to put forth my very best effort for all citizens. Again, I thank you.




The above statement was written by the candidate, who is solely responsible for the contents therein.



Twenty months ago, Mayor Rice appointed Mark Tackitt to serve as a Judge Pro Tem of the Seattle Municipal Court. A judge pro tem is a part-time judge who presides in one of the City's several courtrooms when a regularly elected judge is unable to preside. Mark Tackitt seeks your assistance in becoming an elected, full-time judge of the Court.

The primary responsibilities of Seattle Municipal Court judges are to hear and decide misdemeanor criminal cases. Mark Tackitt has substantial experience in the area of criminal law. He has represented hundreds of persons accused of a wide variety of crimes. The crimes have been as small as shoplifting and as large as murder.

Mark Tackitt is a well-traveled attorney. In his eight years of practicing criminal defense, he has appeared in all the King County District Courts, both King County Superior Courts, and the Court of Appeals - Division I. Additionally, he has appeared in the Federal District Court for the Western District of Washington and in the Superior Courts serving Pierce, Snohomish, Kitsap, Lewis, and Gray's Harbor Counties. Of all these courts, his favorite is Seattle Municipal.

Seattle Municipal Court is a busy, overworked court which does not receive the respect is deserves. If elected, Mark Tackitt intends to implement some of the better policies which he has seen work well in other courts. Calendars will start timely. Cases will not drag endlessly. Adjudged defendants shall perform all the conditions of their sentences or may find their jail time extended. The intended result is speedy and fair justice where persons accused of crime are treated with respect and where persons found guilty are held fully accountable for their actions.

Mark Tackitt has a life outside the law. He has been married for twelve years, and he has a four year old son with autism. From his West Seattle home, he commutes to work by bus. Also, he participates in Civil War living history events as a Union soldier.

Voting for Mark Tackitt means placing an experienced, well-rounded attorney on the bench who cares deeply about Seattle Municipal Court and about the persons who seek justice there.

Mark B.


Incumbent Judge C. Kimi Kondo was appointed to this new position by Mayor Rice in 1990. Born in 1951, she graduated from the University of Idaho and UPS Law School in 1977. Previously in private practice, she also served as a pro tem traffic magistrate where she adjudicated thousands of cases.

During her second term, Judge Kondo was twice elected by her peers as Presiding Judge in 1995 and 1996. As a member of the Executive Team for four years, Judge Kondo has worked with attorneys, City officials, and managers to improve court operations. She has presided over all the calendars in the state's busiest court, including the master jury calendar and the specialized domestic violence review and revocation calendars. Serving on the Washington State Gender and Justice Commission since 1994, she actively addresses women and family issues in our courts.

She has served on various committees of the District and Municipal Judges Association and the Supreme Court committee on Court Consolidation in 1996. Currently she is the probation judge and will continue to work to explore alternatives to incarceration.

Judge Kondo is committed to fairness and diversity. As the first Asian American woman

judge in the State, she is dedicated to ensuring access to justice for all parties while providing accountability to the public.

"Judges must be independent, looking out for public safety while ensuring that the constitutional rights of accused persons are safeguarded. I believe prompt resolution of cases benefits not only the defendant, but also victims and witnesses who must cope with the stress of uncertainty due to delays. I look forward to serving the City again if re-elected to this position of trust. Thank you."

Judge Kondo's experience, integrity, and compassion has been recognized by the following groups who have endorsed her: Aerospace Machinists District 75l, FAPAGOW, Joint Council of Teamsters No. 28, King County Corrections Guild, King County Democrats, King County Labor Council, Women's Political Caucus, Seattle Firefighters and Retired Firefighters, Seattle Police Guild, Seattle Police Management, King County Police Officers Guild, Young Democrats, Democratic Districts 11, 32, 34, 36, 37, 43, and 46. She is rated "Exceptionally Well Qualified" by the Lesbian and Gay Law Society and the Korean Bar Association and "Well Qualified" by the Asian Bar, Hispanic Bar and Loren Miller Bar Associations.

She and her husband, a local 32 teamster, re

side in the Central Area with sons, ages 14 and 15.

C. Kimi



Box 22022

Seattle, WA 98122-0022

PHONE: (206) 328-598

FAX: (206) 726-9773

The above statements are written by the candidates, who are solely responsible for the contents therein.

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