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1997 Seattle General Election Home Page

Campaign Finance

Check out the 1997 Election Report, a compendium of graphs and charts detailing the finances of this year's candidates and ballot issues. This is a web version of the report we've done in paper in December of 1993, 1995 and 1997.
  1. Most reports of activity that were received by the City Clerk prior to July 24, 1998 should be available here. All 1997 campaigns were required to have filed final reports of activity through April 30, 1998 no later than May 11, 1998.

Election Results

Voters Pamphlet Statements

Campaign Committees Registered for this Election

Seattle Mayor

Seattle City Attorney

Seattle City Council Position 2

Seattle City Council Position 3

Seattle City Council Position 4

Seattle City Council Position 6

Seattle City Council Position 8

Seattle City Council (position not yet specified)

Seattle Proposition No. 1-Families and Education

Seattle Initiative No. 41-The Monorail Initiative

Seattle Proposition No. 2-Transportation Improvement Bonds

Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission
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